MIMIC: Trump upset that Ron DeSantis is copying his every move

    Donald Trump can’t stop whining. The ex-President’s latest gripe is that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is “stealing” from him. Stealing what? His moves. You see, DeSantis has been seen using hand gestures and mannerisms similar to his political frenemy – raising questions if the 2024 potential presidential candidate is mimicking his former ally.

    Someone familiar with Trump’s feelings told Rolling Stone:

    “There was this time, maybe a year ago, that I remember him making fun of [DeSantis] for doing similar hand gestures and motions.” He called it ‘stealing’ from him and [to paraphrase] described it as a lame impression of Trump.”

    The former president joked to a source that he “should sue DeSantis for copyright infringement,” according to Rolling Stone.

    Referring to DeSantis as “gutless,” earlier in the year Trump accused his former protege of being “ungrateful.”

    Anyone with the strength to stomach one of Trump’s incoherent rant-filled rallies would find it hard to ignore the exaggerated hand motions and grandiose effect when he speaks. Something DeSantis has apparently picked up on.

    Trump supporter and longtime GOP donor Dan Eberhart acknowledged in an interview that there are similarities between the wanna-be dictators,  but it hasn’t swayed him from possibly backing DeSantis in 2024. That’s something that won’t make the ex-President very happy.

    “’DeSantis certainly mimics Trump’s style, rhetoric, and body language. Desantis’ bombastic style seems to be ripped straight out of a Donald Trump style guide. Trump proved that Republican voters want a fighter, and Desantis aims to deliver,’ says Dan Eberhart, chief executive at Canary and a longtime GOP donor. Eberhart has donated big money to Trump in the past, but now says he’d rather back someone like DeSantis in a potential 2024 race. Echoing a sentiment shared by some conservative leaders ​​concerned Trump’s various legal problems could negatively impact another presidential run, Eberhart has also said he would ‘reluctantly” support Trump, if the ex-president wins the party’s nomination in 2024,” Rolling Stone reports.

    Adding to the conspiracy, Donald Trump Jr. has accused the Florida Governor of poaching his own tweets – looking at Jr’s “Twitter account for inspiration and to raid it for their latest policy ideas or red-meat-hurling rhetoric,” according to another source quoted by Rolling Stone.

    The bromance between DeSantis and Trump seems to have cooled a bit since the former President’s endorsement of his fellow Florida man for governor in 2018. Neither man has announced a definite 2024 run for president, but both have been traveling the country endorsing local candidates in Senate, Congressional and Gubernatorial races.

    The Florida governor has stolen Trump’s position as Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch’s media darling, while big money donors are jumping off the Trump train, and even die-hard MAGA have expressed support for DeSantis over the MAGA King.

    With an election coming in November, let’s hope Florida’s Democratic candidate, Charlie Crist, sends his fascism-loving opponent back to obscurity.

    With Trump facing several criminal and civil investigations, stolen hand gestures are the least of his worries.

    You can watch a video demonstrating Ron DeSantis’ extraordinary imitation skills below.

    Original reporting by Asawin Suebsaeng at Rolling Stone.

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