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    The video clocks in at 50 minutes, and is likely to be the definitive piece of media on the subject. Whether or not The Last of Us needed a remake is a matter of personal preference, what is undeniable, however, is the technical marvel that Naughty Dog has achieved.

    The entire thing is well worth a watch, especially if you are on the fence about double (or triple) dipping on this one. Digital Foundry notes that Naughty Dog appears to have remade every single asset from scratch, and the differences presented in this fashion are striking. Options like an unlocked framerate, when combined with a 120hz display using VRR, mean it’s possible to get above 60 FPS on PS5, and it remains stunning throughout.

    @naruball @Pat_trick let me help you both out with a simple, yet long winded explanation.

    There are haters who are pouring fuel on the fire to spark outrage from those who were unimpressed but on the fence. They are also actively trying to damage Naughty Dog’s reputation and the games legacy.

    There are critics who do not see the validity of the remaster and would prefer Naughty Dog working on new projects and may be vocally against the game, but don’t hate it. (These are the guys likely being offended for wrongly being called haters)

    There are neutrals who don’t really care either way but may be discouraged from purchasing the game due to the haters propaganda.

    There are fans who are impressed with the remaster but can’t justify it or think it’s over priced.

    There are fans who love the changes and will invest in the game again and support what Naughty Dog are doing.

    There are also fans who are fired up because of haters who keep s***ing all over their beloved franchise and the developers and thus add more fuel to the fire because the trolls and haters love that reaction and want to stoke the flames.

    And both all of those categories get bundled together in the epic war between fans and haters.

    Conclusion: It’s all wasted energy that could be spent doing something good instead but no one will realise that because they enjoy the drama.

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