In Speech, Biden Plans to Address Trump-Led Extremism – The New York Times

    The trip on Thursday will be Mr. Biden’s second to Pennsylvania this week, and he is expected to make a third on Labor Day. Pennsylvania, a swing state, will hold crucial races for the House and Senate as well as a closely watched governor’s race.

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    The president had long planned to give another speech on the state of democracy but grew more motivated in recent weeks by persistent false claims of election fraud and the midterms, a White House official said.

    During his first year in office, Mr. Biden promised to bring a sense of normalcy to the White House and largely ignored Mr. Trump. But the former president is once again at the fore, with continuing investigations into the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol and an F.B.I. search last month of his residence in Florida for classified documents. Mr. Biden is trying to frame a vote for Republicans as a vote for extremism.

    “I think finally the party and the people are waking up to see we have to hold these folks accountable,” said Quentin James, the president of Collective PAC, an organization dedicated to electing African-American officials.

    Mr. James said the speech might be able to galvanize voters who are frustrated over economic concerns that have driven down the president’s approval ratings.

    “You may be paying a little more for your groceries, but the reality of what’s on the other side? It’s much more dire,” he said.

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