Govt Considering Allowing Cats In HDB Flats, Gathering Public Feedback Via Online Survey

    AVS Seeks Feedback Over Allowing Cats In HDB Flats

    For as long as most Singaporeans remember, cats have been disallowed in HDB flats.

    However, the Government is finally considering changing this age-old rule.

    Source: Cat Welfare Society on Facebook

    First, public feedback on this is being sought via an online survey, along with other cat-related matters.

    Louis Ng glad issue is being explored

    Nee Soon MP Louis Ng excitedly shared the positive developments in a Facebook post on Saturday (3 Sep), saying that the Government is “seriously reviewing and exploring” the issue.

    Source: Louis Ng Kok Kwang on Facebook

    Unsurprisingly, he added that he was “SO SO SO glad” over this, considering that this is something that he has been campaigning for in Parliament for the longest time.

    Indeed, Mr Ng has tirelessly fought to allow cats in HDB flats, even managing to find support from Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin and Law Society President Adrian Tan.

    Source: Louis Ng Kok Kwang on Facebook

    Online survey on cats in HDB flats

    Before the rule can be done away with, the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) is seeking feedback from the public in the form of an online survey.

    The survey will ask Singaporeans about the agency’s proposed strategies for managing pet cats and community cats in Singapore that aim to safeguard public health and that of our cats.

    One of the questions will ask directly whether a respondent supports allowing cats in HDB flats or not.

    Ostensibly, the AVS is trying to strike a balance between opposing sides by first gauging the amount of public support for allowing cats in flats.

    AVS seeking views on other cat-related measures

    Besides cats in flats, the AVS is also seeking views on other cat-related measures like:

    1. including pet cats in the licensing and microchipping scheme that’s currently for pet dogs only
    2. expanding the Trap-Neuter-Rehome/Release-Manage (TNRM) programme — currently for community dogs — to community cats also
    3. engagement and outreach programmes to promote responsible cat ownership, adoption, and caregiving for community cats

    Source: Cat Welfare Society on Facebook

    Public feedback will help refine the proposed cat management framework, said AVS.

    A move that’s a long time coming

    As of now, cats are still unequivocally not allowed in flats, according to HDB’s website.

    Source: HDB

    This rule has caused heartache to residents forced to part with their furry friends due to neighbours’ complaints.

    Many have railed against it for years, so they’ll agree that the Government’s move to consider allowing cats in flats is a long time coming.

    However, some residents maintain that responsible pet ownership should be emphasised, whether said pet is a cat, dog or any other animal.

    So if you want your views over cats in flats to be heard, do fill in the survey at from now till 2 Nov.

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    Featured image adapted from Cat Welfare Society on Facebook and MS News.

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