70 Wedding Shoe Game Questions & How to Play the Shoe Game

    Though it’s common to play fun wedding games at a bridal shower or engagement party, you may not have thought to play a newlywed game during the wedding reception—but tons of couples are starting to add wedding reception activities to their timeline to help break the ice and keep wedding guests entertained. The Wedding Shoe Game is one of the most popular wedding reception games to play because it’s not only hilarious for the newlywed couple and guests—but it’s also simple in concept, easy to set up and suitable for all ages. All you need to play are two chairs, a list of Wedding Shoe Game questions, the couple and their shoes. Intrigued? Learn how to play the Wedding Shoe Game here, plus read examples of funny shoe game questions to see how it’s done and start your own list of questions before the big day.

    How do you play the Wedding Shoe Game?

    The premise of the Wedding Shoe Game is to test how the newlyweds perceive themselves in relation to one another by answering a series of questions without seeing how their partner responds.

    The MC

    Before the wedding day, designate a “caller” who will come prepared with a list of questions to ask the newlywed couple (we’ll get to those in a second). If you don’t want to put any of your guests to work, your DJ or bandleader can act as MC of this game. Otherwise, it’s a great job for the best man, maid of honor or any loved one who isn’t in your bridal party or didn’t get to do a reading at the ceremony, but whom you still want to be involved. Just first make sure they’re comfortable speaking in front of a crowd.

    Types of Questions

    Each Wedding Shoe Game question the couple is asked should start with “Who…?,” as in “Who is the better dancer?,” or “Who has the better shower singing voice?” You can even get your guests involved by asking them to write their own questions for the caller to read come game time. You can solicit their questions ahead of time through the wedding website and RSVPs or have them write them down on slips of paper at the reception and have the caller draw some from a jar.

    The caller should start by asking simple questions and gradually move to more personal ones (as long as the couple are comfortable answering them—and letting your friends and family hear them).

    The Setup

    Ask a member of the wedding party to place two chairs back to back in the middle of the dance floor. Each partner sits down (they shouldn’t be able to see each other). They then take off their shoes—they give one shoe to their partner and vice versa. Each should have one of their own shoes and one of their partner’s shoes in their hands.

    The Shoes

    Once asked a question, the newlyweds raise their partner’s shoe if it describes their partner’s tendencies and their own shoe if it represents themself. They may even lift both shoes in the air to declare a tie. The trick is they can’t see their spouse, so they’ll have no idea if they’re answering the same way—although they’ll probably be able to tell by their guests’ reactions (and may sneak a peak once they’ve committed to their answer). Of course, after a few drinks, their answers might get a little unpredictable. But those surprise moments are what make the shoe game so entertaining and funny—especially if the couple doesn’t know the questions ahead of time.

    There is the option to take the game a step further and invite wedding guests to guess the answers, too. There are two ways to go about this. Firstly, you can DIY or buy a printable template of Wedding Shoe Game questions to distribute to guests to make their guesses— treat it as a reception table game to break the ice during dinner then they can score their card when the couple plays. Alternatively, you can distribute props to represent each partner (e.g. photos or their initials mounted on a stick or another prop to represent each partner), so guests can play along with the couple in real-time. Again, this is completely optional—this party game is equally funny for guests to just watch the couple play.

    70 Wedding Shoe Game Questions

    The Wedding Shoe Game questions can be as general or customized to the couple as you’d like. And word to the wise, know your audience before asking super-personal or raunchy questions. (In other words, don’t ask anything you wouldn’t want to be asked in front of your family and friends.) Use these sample Wedding Shoe Game questions below as a good jumping-off point for ideas. From relationship questions to everyday life questions, we categorized them to help you pick and choose the best shoe game questions to please the crowd.

    Everyday Life Shoe Game Questions


    Relationship Wedding Shoe Game Questions


    Personality Wedding Shoe Game Questions


    Work and Money Wedding Shoe Game Questions


    Wedding Shoe Game FAQs

    How many questions should you ask during the Wedding Shoe Game?

    Ask 30 to 40 Wedding Shoe Game questions. This will allow you to cover a variety of topics from simple to more personalized questions. If the caller or couple decides to embellish any of the questions or answers, then you should cut back on the number of questions to ensure the game doesn’t drag on too long.

    How long should the Shoe Game last?

    The Wedding Shoe Game should last about 10 minutes. Assuming you allow 20 seconds per question including time for a brief crowd reaction, you’ll have enough time to ask approximately 30 questions. If you take a rapid-fire approach, you may be able to squeeze in a few more, but remember, don’t read them off so quickly that the guests can’t clearly hear the question, especially over lingering laughter.

    When’s the best time to play the Shoe Game at a wedding reception?

    Play the Wedding Shoe Game once dinner’s wrapped up, right before the dance party picks up and while the musicians are still prepping—or use this crowd-pleaser as a fun filler to keep energy high while the musicians take a quick break. The only times we’d suggest you avoid playing are during dinner, when you and your guests should focus on actually eating and listening to toasts, or at the very end of the night when sleepy guests have left and the drinks have been flowing for a few hours. And you don’t have to wait until your wedding reception to play the shoe game, either. It’s the perfect party game for your engagement party or wedding shower too.

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