Trump handed Democrats a “major gift” in Pennsylvania: former Republican lawmaker |

    Appearing on CNN on Sunday morning, former Rep. Charlie Dent, R-Pa., forcefully explained that former President Donald Trump handed Democrats a “major gift” with his two-hour diatribe against the government on Saturday night at a Pennsylvania rally.

    Hours after Trump attacked the FBI and called President Joe Biden an “enemy of the state,” Dent said the former president didn’t do himself or the Republican party any favors by airing his multiple grievances.

    Speaking with host Kim Brunhuber, Dent explained, “It seems, Kim, that the country is hopelessly polarized, you know. President Trump is up in Wilkes-Barre tonight, as you indicated — up there criticizing the FBI.”

    “I have to be honest with you, if any member of Congress absconded with classified material, I can assure you that somebody from the FBI is showing up at their homes and demanding they return that information. So, I am not so sure that the former president Trump did anyone any good with that speech tonight,” he continued.

    “Just by showing up in Pennsylvania, he’s making the election much more about himself, and of course, most Republican candidates don’t want anything to do with Donald Trump in this general election,” he explained. “They want this to be about Joe Biden and the Democrats, but to the extent that Trump inserts himself into this conversation, he’s giving the Democrats a major gift right now. “

    “That’s what we’re witnessing in Pennsylvania,” he elaborated. “Mehmet Oz and Doug Mastriano were there, but Mehmet Oz, I don’t think, wants to be anywhere near Donald Trump in this fall election. It doesn’t do him any good; he has to win swing voters, and it is hard to do that when Trump is playing and pandering to the base.”

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