Connecting Government to the Future with 5G Private Wireless

    Thursday, September 22, 2022 | 2:00PM EDT | 90 Minutes | 1.5 CPE

    Federal agencies, both civilian and military, are seeing opportunities to expand their mission to serve the public through the application of new technologies. Leading the way: Unlocking the potential of 5G to power leading-edge IoT applications. Many agencies now have multiple sensors and edge computing devices that need blazing fast, low-latency, stable connections, particularly if they are in remote or hard-to-reach locations.

    For instance, the Department of Agriculture is looking at ways to use edge computing to provide very granular information on farm fields – moisture levels, soil quality, and weed invasions, to name a few – that enable farmers to tailor their efforts and increase their yields. Meanwhile, the Department of Transportation sees 5G as central to intelligent transportation systems and automated vehicles, something that many states are interested in. For the Department of Defense, improving connectivity holds the key to everything from improved information sharing and gathering to improving recruitment and boosting morale.

    Join us as thought leaders from government and industry explore these and other real-world examples of the ways that 5G is unleashing both human and technological potential for tangible improvements.
    We’ll Discuss:

    • Understand how private wireless 5G connectivity is driving innovation for government agencies across the supply chain, robotics, and logistics.
    • Learn where public policy and federal investments in private 5G can accelerate onboarding of a more powerful and secure connectivity.
    • Utilize zero trust architecture to protect data and prevent digital threats from all angles.
    • Discover how 5G communication systems provide reliable, higher throughput and ultra-low-latency connectivity between edge devices and platforms, to fully harness the power of artificial intelligence.

    Accreditation: Participants can earn 1 CPE credit in Business Management & Organization.*

    * To receive CPE credit you must arrive on time and participate in the surveys throughout the webinar. Certificates will be e-mailed to registrants. In accordance with the standards of the National Registry of CPE Sponsors, 50 minutes equals 1 CPE. By providing your contact information to us, you agree: (i) to receive promotional and/or news alerts via email from Federal News Network and our third party partners, (ii) that we may share your information with our third party partners who provide products and services that may be of interest to you and (iii) that you are not located within the European Economic Area.
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    Amanda Toman, Acting Principal Director for 5G, Office of the Director of Defense Research & Engineering for Modernization
    Amanda Toman
    Acting Principal Director for 5G, Office of the Director of Defense Research & Engineering for Modernization, DoD
    Sal D'ltri, Public Sector Technology Advisor, National Spectrum Consortium
    Sal D’ltri
    Public Sector Technology Advisor, National Spectrum Consortium
    Kurt Schaubach, Chief Technology Officer, Federated Wireless
    Kurt Schaubach
    Chief Technology Officer,
    Federated Wireless
    John Breeden, (Moderator) Contributing Editor, FedInsider
    John Breeden (moderator)
    Contributing Editor,

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