I’m a beauty pro, make-up mistakes that are ageing you & why you should never apply blusher to the apple of your cheek

    THE last thing anyone wants when they apply make-up is to end up looking years older than their age. 

    But one make-up pro has revealed that many of us are guilty of exactly that.


    There are many common make-up errors[/caption]

    TikTok user Asta, who can be found at @makeupbyasta, shared a video titled: “Common mistakes that might age your face.”

    She then launched into the list, highlighting several practices that are doing nothing for your appearance – and the tweaks you can make to turn this around.

    Asta said the first was an “incorrect brow shape” which makes your eyes appear “tired and droopy.” 

    Her pro advice was to not drag your eyebrow down or make it too dark at the beginning.

    Instead, ensure your brow is the correct length and make your brow tale go up.

    Next, Asta focused on the actual eye and said that eyeliner that was “too thick or too short” would also make your eye look much smaller. 

    The right way to do it is by applying “thinner liner slightly going up on the outer eye”.

    The third beauty no-go was when people suck in their cheeks to apply bronzer.

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    She explained: “This application might drag your face down and make it look tired.”

    Similarly, applying blusher on the apples of the cheeks when smiling should be avoided because “it might end up looking different when you’re not smiling.”

    Asta said that the right method was to apply both bronzer and blusher higher on the cheekbone to “create lift.”

    Finally, when putting on lip liner, Asta said you shouldn’t follow your natural lip line.

    She revealed: “With age, our lips tend to go down so this might emphasise it even more.”

    Her final piece of advice was to ensure that your “top lip is a bit more rounded instead of following natural lip shape down.”


    People shouldn’t suck in their cheeks when applying bronzer[/caption]


    There is a right way to apply both eyebrow pencil and eyeliner[/caption]


    The way you apply lipliner can also add years[/caption]

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