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    With today’s rapidly changing technologies, you can come across different innovations almost every day. Your work becomes easier as the effects of the digital world are further integrated into your daily life. Forms also get their share of this technology, and paper-based forms become more and more a thing of the past. Instead of paper forms, online forms are more popular and have many useful features. With online form builders, you can prepare online forms much faster and more useful.

    As a side effect of the increased use of online forms, a large number of new different form builders are also arising. The fact that there is a lot of competition is another reason for the emergence of so many form creator tools. 123FormBuilder has a long history and is one of these form builders. Although 123FormBuilder has many users and useful features, there are alternative form builders with much better features. This blog article will review the top 17 alternative form creators to 123FormBuilder.

    About 123FormBuilder

    123FormBuilder is a helpful tool where you can easily create forms, surveys, and questionnaires without the need to know or write any code. You can quickly prepare forms with a few clicks or choose one of the many ready-made templates and get started promptly. However, especially when it comes to price,123FormBuilder is a bit expensive, and although it offers a free plan, there isn’t much in the plan. 123FormBuilder’s monthly subscription prices are as follows:

    123FormBuilder pricing

    Briefly, it provides convenience with its easy-to-use interface and drag&drop features and builds an environment where users can quickly create forms. However, the lowest membership starts at $24.99 and has very few features. In order to create more eye-catching and professional forms, purchasing more expensive subscriptions may be more beneficial. But you can easily find tools with more features for less money.

    17 alternatives to 123FormBuilder to watch out for in 2022

    To access all the features 123FormBuilder offers, you must purchase the highest subscription enterprise plan, which starts at a minimum of $200. Apart from this, you can access much more limited features in other subscription plans. There is a wide range of form builders that can be an alternative to 123FormBuilder. Some are a better alternative in terms of pricing, while others are a better alternative in terms of features. The 17 alternatives are as follows:

    1  –

    Although it is still newly established, provides advantages to users in many ways., an online form builder, can be preferred by many people with both user-friendly and feasible prices. Thanks to its easy-to-use features and mobile-friendly application, it provides great convenience to users and has a lot of free form templates. Additionally,’s most affordable membership starts at $19, and the most expensive premium plan is $99. Plus, offers a free forever plan.


    #1 123FormBuilder alternative –

    2  – Paperform

    Another alternative to 123FormBuilder is the form creation tool Paperform. Thanks to Paperform, you can easily prepare forms and surveys without the need to write code. You can quickly automate your forms and avoid a lot of workloads. Although it does not have a free plan, it offers a 14-day free trial to users. Paperform’s essential membership costs $24 per month, and the most expensive plan is $159.


    #2 123FormBuilder alternative – Paperform

    3  – Woorise

    Another popular alternative is Woorise. With Woorise, you can quickly create surveys, forms, and landing pages. With Woorise, which helps you create eye-catching forms, it easily attracts the attention of many users and potential customers. By creating forms in different languages, you will be widely noticed and reach more people. The most affordable basic plan is $29 per month, while Woorise’s most expensive plan is $99 per month.


    #3 123FormBuilder alternative – Woorise

    4  – Typeform

    Another alternative to 123FormBuilder is the successful form builder Typeform. Typeform is very popular, helping you create engaging forms, quizzes, and surveys without the need to know code. The most affordable basic plan is $29 per month, and the most costly plan is $99 per month.


    #4 123FormBuilder alternative – Typeform

    5  – Cognito Forms

    Another competitor of 123FormBuilder is Cognito Forms. With Cognito Forms, you can create powerful forms and surveys. You can easily handle form designs with advanced features and highly customizable settings. You can use their paid membership for 14 days free of charge and then choose the membership that suits you. The cheapest subscription costs $15 per month, and the highest plan costs $99 per month.


    #5 123FormBuilder alternative – Cognito Forms

    6  – Google Forms

    The form creation tool of the world-famous Google company is Google Forms. Google Forms is a free form builder that lets you quickly create forms and surveys without knowing the code. It makes more sense to use Google Forms, which doesn’t have many features, for work that requires simpler designs rather than for work.


    #6 123FormBuilder alternative – Google Forms

    7  – Microsoft Forms

    Just like Google, Microsoft has built its own form creation tool. Microsoft Forms is also a completely free tool for those with a Microsoft account. Similar to Google Forms, Microsoft Forms does not have many advanced features. It is very suitable for simple-looking forms and surveys.


    #7 123FormBuilder alternative – Microsoft Forms

    8  – Formstack

    Another powerful alternative is Formstack. With advanced design tools, you can quickly prepare forms on many different topics without the need to write code. However, Formstack does not have a free plan, and paid memberships also have limited features. Formstack starts at $59 per month with a starting membership, and the most expensive price is $249 per month.


    #8 123FormBuilder alternative – Formstack

    9  – Jotform

    Another very popular and alternative form builder to 123FormBuilder is Jotform. Jotform, which has many fans, is one of the favorite form builders of users, thanks to its advanced features. With its many ready-made templates, even those who do not know can easily prepare forms. Jotform’s lowest price is $39 per month, and the highest price is $129 per month.


    #9 123FormBuilder alternative – Jotform

    10 – Wufoo

    Another alternative that is very good at data collection and form creation is Wufoo. It is the choice of many people with its easy-to-use interface. With its eye-catching design features, it helps you to get positive results after preparing the form. Besides the free plan, Wufoo paid memberships are also available. The most affordable is $19 a month, and the most expensive is $249 a month.


    #10 123FormBuilder alternative – Wufoo

    11  – Gravity Forms

    Another tool you can use as an alternative to 123FormBuilder is Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms is also an excellent option to prepare forms without the need to know code effectively. Since there is no free plan, you can only take advantage of the 7-day free trial and choose a membership system that suits you. The lowest price starts at $59 per month, and the most expensive membership is $259 per month.


    #11 123FormBuilder alternative – Gravity Forms

    12  – Moosend

    Moosend is an email marketing-based tool. You can also create forms and landing pages with Moosend. With Moosend, you can easily collect data as well as improve your mailing list. There is no free plan, but you have a 30-day trial. Moosend only has one paid membership which starts at $9 per month.


    #12 123FormBuilder alternative – Moosend

    13  – Pabbly Form Builder

    Another alternative is Pabbly Form Builder. There are ready-made templates on many different topics, so you can easily create forms easily and quickly. You can prepare professional forms with varying features of the design. Pabbly Form Builder does not offer a free plan, and no membership system exists. You pay $15 for each form you create.


    #13 123FormBuilder alternative – Pabbly Form Builder

    14  – Ninja Forms

    Ninja Forms also has an important place as an alternative to 123FormBuilder. Thanks to its simple interface, it is very easy to create a form, even for first-time users. On the other hand, the pricing system starts at $49 as an annual membership-only system, and the highest price is $299.


    #14 123FormBuilder alternative – Ninja Forms

    15  – Zoho Forms

    Another powerful alternative to 123FormBuilder is Zoho Forms. With Zoho Forms, you can create successful, engaging forms and surveys. Offering a free plan, paid memberships of Zoho Forms start at 10 euros per month, and the most expensive plan is 100 euros per month.


    #15 123FormBuilder alternative – Zoho Forms

    16  – MightyForms

    MightyForms, which offers various types of form templates, is an alternative to 123FormBuilder. It will be easier for you to attract attention with the forms you prepare in MightyForms, because, thanks to its advanced features, it provides convenience to users and has designs that are pleasing to the eye. MightyForms membership starts at $19 per month, and the most expensive price is $69 per month.


    #16 123FormBuilder alternative – Mighty Forms

    17  – Formsite

    Another helpful form builder is Formsite. It will be easier with Formsite to prepare event registration forms, order forms, and surveys. You can progress more result-oriented by getting results and statistics instantly. Its most affordable membership is $24.95 per month, and the most expensive is $249 per month.


    #17 123FormBuilder alternative – Formsite

    Which 123FormBuilder alternative is right for you?

    With the increasing competition and the emergence of many form builders, various alternatives with different features and prices have emerged. 123FormBuilder is very old and has a long past in form and survey creation, but as time changes, form builders appear that offer better experiences to users than 123FormBuilder does. 123FormBuilder is expensive and has very limited features even with paid memberships, causing it to leave behind many other form builders tools.

    It will be in your favor to choose the most suitable one among 17 different alternatives. In order to select the most appropriate form builder, it is crucial for what purpose you want to use it first. If you wish to prepare forms with simpler designs without paying, you can use form builders that offer free plans.

    For example, the free plans of other tools have very limited features, allows you to take advantage of all the features for free. Besides, you can find a list of form builder tools in’s blog, and you can also check out Jotform alternatives, which is one of the very popular tools. You can prepare eye-catching forms by making use of all the free features of without wasting your time.

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