RULE OF LAW: Hillary Clinton shares what she thinks should happen to Trump

    Hillary Clinton threw shade at Trump, and it was as classy as it was delicious. When asked if she thought former President Donald Trump should be treated like an ordinary citizen in the Justice Department’s investigation into his handling of classified documents after leaving the White House, the former Secretary of State was unambiguous when stating “He’s not the president, and we do have some special exceptions for someone actually in the office.”

    On CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday, former Secretary Clinton avoided answering host Dana Bash directly, saying it was a “hard call,” and she couldn’t “predict” what the Dept. of Justice would do once ending its investigation.

    The former Senator and First Lady did say:

    “I do think the rule of law, holding people accountable, is central to our nation. Both as Secretary of State, and as a private citizen, I have answered every  question I’ve eve been asked. I’ve testified for 11 hours. I’ve been involved in anything that was asked of me.”

    As a former Secretary of State, Clinton knows a thing or two about top secret documents — and about testifying before an investigative panel. During her 2016 campaign for President, Clinton testified before the House Benghazi Committee investigating the 2012 deaths of four Americans killed at a U.S. facility.

    “I think the rule of law should apply to anyone.”

    The former secretary of state explained how every day, she received a briefing from the CIA and top State Department officials, while every week she met with a larger group of State Department officials.

    “During the day, I received hundreds of pages of memos… some of them so top secret they were brought into the office in a locked briefcase,” she said, CBS News reported.

    The former First Lady may have avoided mentioning Donald Trump by name, but it isn’t a stretch to know who she’s referring to when she told Bash, “I really believe at the end of the day, no one is above the law. And no one should be escaping accountability.”

    Watch the video of  Hillary Clinton on CNN‘s State of the Union here.

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