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    Ever since teenagers started driving, adults have told them what to do. It’s with good reason; teens are three times more likely to be in an accident before age 18 than a more experienced adult is. New teen drivers could avoid many collisions they could be involved in by taking some of the sage advice of older drivers.

    From questions about technology to car insurance for teens, we’ve listed a few of our top tips for the modern teen driver. Some suggestions are new to today’s young drivers, and others are older than their grandparents. Continue reading to learn how to drive safer and more competent behind the wheel.

    Get Acquainted with Your New (Or-New-to-You) Vehicle

    It can be thrilling to get behind the wheel of a new vehicle but also a little intimidating. With so many buttons, lights, and functions, it can be challenging to navigate the dash for the first time. This is true for teens as well as anyone that is renting a car they are not familiar with. You know where the brake and gas pedal are, but what about some of the lesser-used but important features?

    Many new technologies are available in today’s cars, including advanced GPS systems. Before you crank up the engine, make sure you know where all of your car’s most important features are located and familiarize yourself with their functions and purposes. Examples include:

    Cell Phones and Driving Don’t Mix

    Besides having young passengers, cell phone use is the number one cause of distraction for teen drivers. Yet despite laws that ban texting while driving, it is still common.

    The time to multi-task is not while behind the wheel, especially for new and inexperienced drivers. It takes 100 percent focus to operate a vehicle safely. Texting while driving or even talking on the phone requires a divided thought process that can be dangerous for young drivers. Not even hands-free Bluetooth devices eliminate the risk of a crash. Put down the phone completely, and don’t pick it up until you reach your destination – not even at a stop light.

    Keep Your Future in Mind

    There is a lot to think about behind the wheel. However, one of the most important things you should remember is how your actions today will affect your future. Irresponsible driving can lead to severe financial and legal consequences, not to mention land you back in the passenger seat if your license is suspended.

    Likewise, good driving habits can lead to positive outcomes. Maintaining a blemish-free driving record could qualify you for discounts on car insurance. You can also lower coverage costs by qualifying for good student discounts. Give us a call for more information about car insurance for teens.

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