127 Dogs Who Forgot How To Dog But Definitely Know How To Cat (New Pics)

    Some prefer cats and some prefer dogs, but what if you can’t decide between the two? Well, Bored Panda might know a solution. Why not widen your search and look for dogs who think they’re cats?

    Turns out, there are quite a few pups with the mannerisms of a feline. They like to climb fridges and trees, and even fold themselves for a nap in a box after these workouts. Still can’t believe what I’m saying? Do you think that such creatures exist only in fairytales and Disney movies? Then continue scrolling and check out the amusing images we collected as proof. If they’re not enough, fire up our earlier list with more evidence.

    Who knows, maybe some dogs are actually cats in disguise.

    #1 Oh Hi There. I’m Mako A 2.5 Yr Old Pitbull. Just Doing Cat Stuff With My Brothers Pecan And Gizmo

    Image credits: mako_thecatdog

    #2 Marty Was Raised By Cats. Can You Tell?

    Image credits: MySoleM8isACat

    While dogs and cats have some personal characteristics in common, there are a few very distinct differences between them.

    For example, consider the natural social nature of canines compared to the typically solitary personality of felines. Dogs are pack animals and most cats tend to spend time alone. Whether it’s eating, sleeping, or sharing their space. Cats also exhibit a hunter’s instinct that some dogs don’t tend to act out on, and will often spend much of their time stalking anything that moves, both outside and inside of the house.

    #3 Cat Trees Aren’t Meant For Dogs

    Image credits: SymanthaB

    #4 And Then He Realized, He Is Not A Cat

    Image credits: Vaagobert

    #5 He Grew Up With Two Cats

    Image credits: just-a-traveler

    Dogs and cats also have different tastes. Dogs are omnivorous; they are able to eat a variety of foods from meat to vegetables. But cats are so-called obligate carnivores, meaning that they need to eat meat-based protein in order to remain healthy.

    When it comes to potty training, cats and dogs differ in a big way too — cats usually pick up the litter box routine fairly quickly, while dogs usually take from several weeks to months to learn when and where to relieve themselves.

    #6 Milo Has Decided To Ditch The Dog Life, And Become A Cat

    Image credits: freespiritedshadow

    #7 I Think My Pit Hangs Out With The Cat Too Much

    Image credits:

    #8 My Friends Asked Me If He Was Raised With Cats

    Image credits: Sharonxls

    Truth be told, there can be several reasons why a dog is acting like a cat. Various situations and even medical conditions can be the root cause of this behavior.

    1. A dog is imitating the cats around it. If the two species are living in the same house, chances are the dog is imitating the cat because it notices you giving attention to the cat and wants the same;

    2. A dog is suffering from separation anxiety. This condition can make a dog act in weird ways just to be close to you, including sticking close to you just like a cat would;

    3. A dog has skin problems. We see cats grooming themselves ceaselessly just to be clean, but a dog that licks itself in a similar fashion can be suffering from some sort of skin issue;

    #9 How He Sits On The Couch

    Image credits: Jarv_Turkey

    #10 My Husband Leaves For Work Earlier Than I Do. He Keeps The Dog Out So She Won’t Wake Me Up. However, We Have A Cat Door To Our Bedroom. This Is How I’m Greeted Most Mornings

    Image credits: kricket3235

    #11 What Story Can You Write Based On This Picture?

    Image credits: DEEL17

    4. A dog wants a better vantage point. Some breeds, especially watchdogs would appreciate having this advantage in order to be on top of things;

    5. Your dog is bored and wants attention. Sometimes, wagging your tail and chewing on furniture can get pretty boring, so dogs start doing anything that brings attention to them;

    6. The dog’s breed. Some examples that possess more cat-like traits than others are: the Basenji, Whippet, Vizsla, Mi-Ki, Shiba Inu, Papillon, Shetland sheepdog, Italian greyhound, and more.

    Either way, bless them.

    #12 Maddie Trapped Herself In The Basement And Was Too Polite To Bark. This Is How I Found Out

    Image credits: ermarie73

    #13 Enjoy This Slideshow Of Dexter, Who Doesn’t Understand His Legs

    Image credits: Mmmelanie

    #14 Got A Live Feed Camera So I Could See What My Dogs Are Up To While I’m At Work

    Image credits: kevinaud

    #15 Meet Loki. He Likes To People Watch

    Image credits: smack-cranberries

    #16 Thought We Were Going For A Walk, Ending Up Going For A Climb

    Image credits: bnworkman

    #17 Pitloaf, Medium Rare

    Image credits: ChootEmChootEm

    #18 When You Didn’t Expect Your Owner To Come Right Back Cause They Forgot Something

    Image credits: SamanthaJK09

    #19 This Is Where My Mom’s Dog Likes To Sit When She’s In The Yard Gardening

    Image credits: mctaylo89

    #20 She Likes To Squeeze Herself Into The Cat Tree

    Image credits: mangophilia

    #21 I Bought A Kennel For My Dog And Put The Cat’s Bed On Top. Gracie Wants To Be With Her Kitty At All Times

    Image credits: Kitty102293

    #22 My Dog Thinks He Is A Cat

    Image credits: slavensc

    #23 My Dog Thinks I’m A Chair Sometimes. Oh Well

    Image credits: anne_c_rose

    #24 Hmm… That’s Not My Cat

    Image credits: Erotic_FriendFiction

    #25 My Dog Wanted To See What The Cats Are Up To Downstairs

    Image credits: xXMaGGoXx

    #26 My Dog Thinks He Is A Cat

    Image credits: d3lro

    #27 We Bought Seren A New Scratch Post And Of Course The Cat Went Straight For It

    Image credits: mewtonwoofs

    #28 Apparently, My Dog Is Now A Cat

    Image credits: CrispyFriedTofu

    #29 Yes, I Am Definitely One Of The Cats

    Image credits: Solasshole

    #30 He’s Been Hanging Out With The Cat To Much

    Image credits: castotz

    #31 My Dog Is Obsessed With My Cat And Likes To Hang Out Wherever The Cat Hangs Out

    Image credits: Emdora

    #32 Friend’s Dog Turned Cat

    Image credits: AdhesiveMessage

    #33 Am Cat? Yes, Am Cat

    Image credits: pennylane_9

    #34 Came Home To A New Golden. He Thinks He’s A Cat

    Image credits: ocdrummer47

    #35 Biggest Derp Dog-Cat

    Image credits: SmellyEggRolls

    #36 Bingbong Prefers Cat Bed To Full-Size Dog Bed, A Foot To The Left

    Image credits: mewtent

    #37 I Think My Dog Is A Cat

    Image credits: FearsomeMongoose

    #38 He Thinks He’s A Cat

    Image credits: the_lady_bartman

    #39 This Is What Happens When A Dog Grows Up With Cats

    Image credits: Scubachic0121

    #40 Love Sitting In A Box

    Image credits: kingtooth_pug

    #41 He Really Messed Up This Time

    Image credits: PepperSprayP

    #42 When A Pupper Is Raised By Cats

    Image credits: Duckduckandgoose

    #43 I Wanted A Dog But I’m Pretty Sure They Gave Me A Cat

    Image credits: kfelt18

    #44 Have I Ever Told You About My Great Great Grandfathers Uncle, Who Was A Cat? Cool Guy

    Image credits: indyhund_dk

    #45 My Friend’s Dog Has Clearly Been Spending Too Much Time Around The Cat

    Image credits: jayblink182

    #46 Cloud Stuck In Cat Tower

    Image credits: vrklikhus

    #47 Luna The Hippo Thinks She’s A Cat

    Image credits: ChiefII

    #48 Got This Cat Pillow On Amazon. Carl Has Let The Cat Sit In It Maybe Once

    Image credits: mollygk

    #49 Ah, The Illsuive Corgo-Cat In His Natural Habitat. Did You Know The Corgo-Cat Has A Purr That Sounds Suspiciously Like A Bark?

    Image credits: locke.the.fluffy.corgi

    #50 You Think She’s Not Getting Enough Attention?

    Image credits: marisaile

    #51 My Dog Likes To Sit With His Arms Folded Like A Cat

    Image credits: jammsterz

    #52 I See Your Shoulder Cat And Offer My Shoulder Dog For Consideration

    Image credits: SQURILEYSTUBBS

    #53 Two Days Of Spending Time With My Family’s Cat And My Dog Started Sitting Like This

    Image credits: MrBobSaget

    #54 I Guess She’s A Cat Now

    Image credits: serialbabe

    #55 She Thinks She Is A Cat Sometimes

    Image credits: rox-it

    #56 Dog Thinks She’s A Cat

    Image credits: gryffindork13

    #57 Someone Has Been Hanging Out With The Cats Next Door

    Image credits: SarahSmilla

    #58 Just A Couple Of Cats Playing In A Cat Tree

    Image credits: catcitycassidy

    #59 My Neighbor’s Dog Sits Like This Out The Second Story Window For Hours Every Day Just Vibing And Watching The World Go By

    Image credits: SraChavez

    #60 My Dog, Who Acts Like A Cat

    Image credits: Digi_CatZ

    #61 Ryder Can Not Figure Out How To Sit Proper Like A Dog But Rather Sits Like A Cat On The Couch

    Image credits: _flynn.ryder

    #62 My Buddy’s “Cat”

    Image credits: Film_Fairy

    #63 My Dog Is A Cat

    Image credits: IgnorantOfTheArt

    #64 Am Not Dog, Just Big Cat! See? I Loaf!

    Image credits: aceparote

    #65 My Girlfriend Moved In And Brought Her Cat. Since Then, I’m Pretty Sure My Dog Has Begun To Think She’s A Also A Cat

    Image credits: SquarishWheel

    #66 Rate My Cat

    Image credits: bitcoin4urthoughts

    #67 She Thinks She Is A Cat

    Image credits: JustinGiguere

    #68 I’m Pretty Sure My Dog Was A Cat In A Past Life

    Image credits: grumpyhoser

    #69 Jarvis At 1-Year-Old, Already Sitting In Nodes, Making Me Doubt If I Had Actually Gotten A Dog And Not A Cat

    Image credits: minibulljarvis

    #70 My 115 Pound Lab Thinks He’s A Cat

    Image credits: muidawg

    #71 Dude!?!?

    Image credits: Illsiador

    #72 Why Does My Cat Look Funny

    Image credits: notchristeehee

    #73 My Dog Thinks He’s A Cat

    Image credits: KingFacetious

    #74 How Do I Break The News To My Rescue That He Is Not A Cat?

    Image credits: hopeymik

    #75 Tiny Pup Lives With 6 Kitties, So I Guess Our Cat Tree Doubles As A Dog Tree

    Image credits: hoperhe

    #76 When Your Dog Learns How To Sit From Your Cat

    Image credits: SteRaeSal

    #77 Our “Bugg” Weller Acting Like A Cat

    Image credits: alabamaalliekat

    #78 Newly Adopted Doggo Thinks He’s A Cat

    Image credits: DrunkenChimichanga

    #79 My Mom Recently Got A Cat, And Now The Dog Thinks He’s Also A Cat

    Image credits: NeonTaterTots

    #80 Her Favorite Place To Sit Is On Top Of The Couch, Like A Kitty Cat. Very Good Girl, Would Give Many Pets

    Image credits: lilyannah

    #81 How About A Shoulder “Acts Like A Cat” Dog?

    Image credits: abbynormal1982

    #82 I Want To Be A Cat! I Love This Big Tree, It’s Fun To Climb

    Image credits: eli_thegoldenlife

    #83 A Good Boy Who Grew Up With Cats So He Thinks He’s Also A Cat

    Image credits: softsidon

    #84 She Thinks She’s A Cat

    Image credits: parchedpixie

    #85 He Sleeps Like This Every Single Day. However, I Will Need Tell Him That He Is Not A Cat

    Image credits: pranko_the_wolfdog

    #86 Napping Like A Cat

    Image credits: bentleypupmutt

    #87 She Grew Up Around Cats… Some Habits Seem To Have Rubbed Off On Her

    Image credits: Sunsetblack23

    #88 Neighbours Dog Think It’s A Cat

    Took this pic of the neighbours dog out the back of my workplace. The cat used to take refuge in the tree until the dog learned to climb.

    Image credits: Trekahn

    #89 She Thinks She’s A Cat

    Image credits: Smocking_Gun

    #90 My Dog Is A Cat Some Days. She Loves Her Box

    Image credits: thisgoodgirlcharlie

    #91 She Thought This Was The Best Place To Sleep… In A Plant Pot. I Think She Thinks She’s A Cat

    Image credits: TopJamMan1

    #92 My Dog Was Also Raised With 2 Cats And Is Forever Broken As A Result

    Image credits: demsmyfeet

    #93 Dog? Cat? She’s Having Identity Issues

    Image credits: your_mom_lovedit

    #94 I Think My Cat Is Having A Bad Influence On My Pup

    Image credits: Finn-Somerset

    #95 So Now She’s A Cat

    Image credits: dfwtransplant

    #96 I Was Pretty Sure I Got A Dog

    Image credits: wileyfilm

    #97 All He Needs Is To “Meow”

    Image credits: audrey_et_les_loulous

    #98 I Have One Normal Coonhound And One Cat Based Coonhound

    Image credits: Georgethefierce

    #99 She Thinks She’s A Cat (She Has 3 Cat Siblings)

    Image credits: e5dn10

    #100 My Husky Thinks He’s A Cat

    Image credits: Kittycatb16

    #101 I Was Told I Could Find Cats Here?

    Image credits: Flopjacks

    #102 One Of Our Dogs Porsche Will Lay On The Top Of Our Couch Like A Cat

    Image credits: misquoted_unicorn04

    #103 Cat Dog

    Image credits:

    #104 Anyone Else’s Wigglebutt Act Like A Cat?

    Image credits: mlamart

    #105 My 75 Lb Cat

    Image credits: Sashakita

    #106 I Think Someone Replaced My Dog With A Cat

    Image credits: Turmoil-Fox

    #107 I Think River Thinks She’s A Cat

    Image credits: riveronilover

    #108 I Didn’t Take Your Spot, George. You Left It For Me

    Image credits: callmehankthetank

    #109 Very Pleased With Herself For Opening The Tiny Cat Door In The Baby Gate And Trying To Visit Her Foster Brother

    Image credits: nephikichi

    #110 Big Boy Wishing He Was A Cat

    Image credits: gingerninja6624

    #111 I Think My Dog Thinks He Is A Cat

    Image credits: SuperChemist

    #112 My 50 Lbs Dog Thinks He’s A Cat

    Image credits: rawr_gunter

    #113 Boogie Thinks She’s A Cat

    Image credits: HypodermicSaIIy

    #114 My Corgi Thinks, He’s A Cat – Chilling In A Box All Afternoon

    Image credits: MrFlakeOne

    #115 When You Didn’t Want A Cat So You Got A Dog, But Your Dog Acts Like A Cat

    Image credits: hberry95

    #116 My Dog Might Be Learning Some Things From My Cat

    Image credits: xenothan_

    #117 What’s Wrong With Jeff This Week? He Thinks He’s A Cat

    Image credits: spilledwhiterussian

    #118 Today, I Pondered To Myself. Am I Actually A Cat In Disguise?

    Image credits: lagotto.ginger

    #119 When Your Goober Thinks He’s A Cat

    Image credits: Timmmber4

    #120 My Neighbor Called Me. Telling Me My Dog Was On The Roof

    Image credits:

    #121 It’s Currently 108° In Vegas. She Has Plenty Of Cold Water, And A Door To The Ac, But She Does This Every Day

    Image credits: Brother_J_La_la

    #122 My Dog Is A Cat

    Image credits: Kevin8915

    #123 No Clue Why She Felt The Need To Do This, But It’s Cute. No Complaints

    Image credits: meow_UWU_meow

    #124 Curled Tail, Curled Feetsies

    Image credits: Angelphile

    #125 Does Anyone Else’s Dog Think It’s A Cat?

    Image credits: Patronsilver505

    #126 Archer Was Raised With Three Cats. He Thinks He’s A Cat

    Image credits: GriIIedCheesus

    #127 She’s A Cat. No, Really. She Loves Climbing Like Nobody’s Business

    Image credits: chililyslife

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