Aaron Rodgers tells Bill Maher partisanship ‘f***ing ruined this country’ — IMMEDIATELY triggers partisan mob

    Bill Maher sat down with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers on Sunday on his podcast “Club Random” to talk about everything from COVID-19 mandates to abortion to former president Donald Trump.

    Throughout the podcast, Rodgers repeatedly condemned partisan politics, saying, “I don’t wanna be part of any politics at all. I believe what I believe. Most of it I based on my own personal version of common sense and I don’t believe in partisanship. Partisanship – two-party system has f***ing ruined this country.”

    He and Maher also agreed that the debate surrounding COVID-19 vaccines, mandates, and lockdowns had become ridiculously politicized.

    “This is ideology. This is not medicine, this is indoctrination,” Maher said. “And to me, the frightening thing was never the disease itself. The frightening thing was how much you could get people so quickly to change their way of life.”

    “It was altruistic at first … like, all right, take two weeks to flatten the curve, right? But then, just about every conspiracy theory came true. Vaccine mandates, vaccine passports … lockdowns. And that’s my whole problem. You know, I grew up in a small town, very little cases up in Chico, California, but all the small businesses? F***ing gone,” Rodgers said. “What are we doing for them? What are we doing for the small businesses?”

    “We passed out six trillion dollars, but the sad fact about that is that a very big, big, big chunk of it was just flat-out stolen,” Maher added. “I mean, we spent more to keep people hiding under the bed than we did for World War II. World war II cost $4 trillion and we passed out almost $6 trillion for this. I mean, wow, talk about a country that’s gone a little soft.”

    A video clip from the podcast shared on Twitter predictably drew the immediate ire of those who prefer political outrage to the open exchange of individual thoughts and ideas.

    \u201c@burackbobby_ Scary that so many people would change their lives because doing so might save lives? Or scary that so many refused to do so despite the fact that it might And no, no conspiracy theories came true.\u201d

    — Bobby Burack (@Bobby Burack)

    \u201c@burackbobby_ Literally no conspiracies were true.\u201d

    — Bobby Burack (@Bobby Burack)

    \u201c@burackbobby_ No the frightening thing was the disease itself that killed a million Americans and hurt many many more. That was the frightening bit.\u201d

    — Bobby Burack (@Bobby Burack)

    \u201c@burackbobby_ “…the frightening thing was never the disease.”\nJust WHY does he think so many people were taking precautions? And others were dying?\u201d

    — Bobby Burack (@Bobby Burack)

    \u201c@burackbobby_ Maher is definitely closing in on Rogan as the two battle for Rush Limbaugh\u2019s base.\u201d

    — Bobby Burack (@Bobby Burack)

    \u201c@burackbobby_ Maher has become an insufferable Joe Rogan wannabe \ud83d\ude06\u201d

    — Bobby Burack (@Bobby Burack)

    On “The Rubin Report” Tuesday, BlazeTV host Dave Rubin — who will be joining Maher’s “Club Random” podcast for a two-hour uncensored conversation on September 21 — talked about why he respects Maher and considers him to be the “last sane liberal.”

    Watch the video clip below to hear more from BlazeTV’s Dave Rubin. Can’t watch? Download the podcast here.

    Bill Maher Stuns Aaron Rodgers with Brutal Comments on COVID Lies | Direct Message | Rubin Report

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