Global National: Oct. 22, 2022 | Growing worldwide movement of protests held in solidarity with Iran

    <![CDATA[<p><img src=”” /></p>On this episode of Global National: Protests condemning the regime in Iran are nothing new, but the worldwide response is growing — including across Canada — following the death of Mahsa Amini while in the custody of so-called “morality police.” Mike Drolet has more on the growing worldwide movement and the response from Iran.<br />
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    Global News has learned more about the man accused of killing Burnaby RCMP Constable Shaelyn Yang. Before living in a tent in a Burnaby park, Jongwon Ham lived and worked in Toronto as an accomplished filmmaker. Rumina Daya has the details of what someone close to the accused killer describes as a downward spiral.<br />
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    Turning to consumer news, food inflation is accelerating, even as overall inflation has started to cool. Households may be cutting back on dining out and buying fewer groceries, but does switching grocery stores help with the costs? Anne Gaviola has more on what experts are suggesting.<br />
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    The grisly murders of two children by their father this week in Quebec have left people asking how these deaths can be prevented. Just last month, another father was charged with murdering his children and wife. Experts say events like these happen all too frequently in that province. And as Amanda Jelowicki reports, they say more resources are needed, and warning signs need heeding.<br />
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    And in the U.S., the worst drought in at least a decade has caused water levels in the Mississippi River to drop to historic lows, slowing down America’s supply chain. As Jennifer Johnson reports, shipping delays will mean even higher consumer costs.<br />
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    Finally, the First Nations Emergency Services Society offered B.C. youth a three-day crash course, hoping to draw new recruits to a career in firefighting. As Kylie Stanton reports, although the course was open to any interested teenager, Indigenous youth were the key demographic.<br />
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