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    In what may be his last United States Grand Prix for a while, McLaren Racing driver Daniel Ricciardo is making his time count at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

    At one of his favorite places on the Formula One calendar, Ricciardo invaded an interview recent World Champion Max Verstappen was doing with Sky Sports. The Aussie hugged the Dutchman from behind before offering congratulations on winning the title.

    ‘I’ve only messaged you, but I haven’t seen you in person. It’s a bit late, but congrats,’ Ricciardo told him.

    ‘Thanks,’ Verstappen replied before pointing to the Aussie’s new facial hair style and asking him, ‘Are you OK?’

    “You can’t grow a beard yet huh?” 😂

    — Sky Sports F1 (@SkySportsF1)

    Ex-Red Bull teammates Max Verstappen (L) & Daniel Ricciardo (R) shared a moment Thursday

    That got everybody laughing, before Ricciardo retorted with, ‘Can you still… you can’t grow a beard yet, huh? Two-time World Champion and he can’t even grow a beard.’

    Max confirmed his lack of facial hair and told Ricciardo to ‘blame my mom’.

    It’s been a full week of American appreciation for the McLaren driver, who is set to be replaced by fellow Australian Oscar Piastri next season. Ricciardo hasn’t found a drive for next season, and is reportedly prepared to sit out the year in hopes of finding a team for 2024.

    Daniel Ricciardo ‘s unabashed admiration for the United States is on full display ahead of Sunday’s US Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas, where the Australian driver was serenaded by a country musician as he rode a horse while wearing a Stars-and-Stripes jacket 

    Ricciardo is known for his appreciation of American culture, spending his offseason in the US while becoming an enthusiastic NASCAR fan. Interestingly, Ricciardo may defect to NASCAR if he fails to secure a seat on the F1 grid next year, according to a piece in Australia’s Herald Sun, which says Trackhouse Racing Project 91 boss Justin marks has targeted the 33-year-old.

    The Perth-born driver has admitted his young teammate, Lando Norris, has been better able to handle the challenges of driving a difficult McLaren this season. 

    ‘We have so much data, and I’ll watch Lando’s onboards as well. And I’ll see sometimes what he’s able to do, and I’m just like, ‘OK, I can see it, but I can’t do it’. And I’m like, why won’t it just rotate, or do that?’ Ricciardo told The Race.

    Norris is the future of F1 racing and has usurped and outclassed Ricciardo at McLaren for 2023

    ‘The race pace as well, that’s been one where normally things balance out, if you can’t maybe get the peak in the car in one lap in quali, by the race, it should kind of settle and yet sometimes the race pace I’m like eight tenths a lap slower. And I’m just like, how?

    ‘Even in debriefs, you’ll hear from Lando ‘oh this stint of the race, I could really feel the car was working there, it kind of came alive’ where I’m just like … I never had that feeling.

    ‘At times, I’m just like, something’s up. This isn’t normal.’

    Daniel Ricciardo teases Max Verstappen over lack of facial hair

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