Another Artist Collapses On Stage And Dies

    Artist Mikaben was performing in France over the weekend when he walked across the stage, suddenly collapsed, and died. He was 41.

    The Haitian singer, born Michael Benjamin, made an appearance at the Accor Arena in Paris Saturday as a guest of the Haitian group Carimi, Entertainment Tonight reported.

    In a clip that surfaced on social media, Mikaben finished his set and was walking off the stage when he suddenly dropped in front of thousands of fans and died.

    Several crew members can be seen rushing over to his aid. The music then stops with fans wondering what had just occurred.

    The arena later confirmed that the singer had died despite efforts from emergency personnel, The Guardian shared. According to the outlet, Mikaben died of a suspected heart attack or cardiac arrest.

    Hier soir lors du concert de Carimi, l’un des chanteurs, Michael Benjamin, Mikaben de son nom d’artiste est décédé suite à un malaise survenu sur scène et malgré l’intervention des secours.

    — Accor Arena (@Accor_Arena) October 16, 2022

    The Guardian translated a social media post from the venue, which said the singer “died after suffering a seizure on stage and despite the efforts of emergency services.”

    Other videos have surfaced on social media showing Mikaben looking very much alive minutes before as he gets the crowd rocking and singing along with him.

    Ce soir Tu nous as tout donné…
    Tu nous as fait chanter,
    Tu nous as fait danser,
    Tu nous as fait crier,

    Mèsi pou tou Mikaben 🕊🤍🥲

    — Madame Quelqu’un👑 (@Ayisianna) October 16, 2022

    It is clear from the clip the crowd was loving it as the singer entertained them and had the whole room joining in.

    J’ai eu beaucoup de mal à partager cette vidéo du concert de #Carimi, mais c’est le seul genre d’image que j’accepte de voir et partager. Au revoir #MikaBen

    — Miguel Charles (@MonsieurKali) October 16, 2022

    Tributes to the singer have since poured in on social media following his death.

    “I’m shocked by the sudden death of the young and very talented artist Michael Benjamin ‘Mikaben,’” the Haitian prime minister, Ariel Henry, tweeted. “We have lost a major figure in Haitian music.”

    Former Haitian premier Jean Henry Céant praised Mikaben as “one of the most talented artists of his generation,” The Guardian noted.

    Mikaben was expecting his third child with his wife, Vanessa. She has since posted a message thanking everyone for their prayers but pleading for privacy, Entertainment Tonight noted.

    “I’m in no condition to talk,” Vanessa wrote. “I lost my other half and have no words.”

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