Author finds driving electric vehicle across state ‘very difficult,’ it took him 15 HOURS to go 178 miles

    Electric vehicles are an excellent source to signal your virtue, provided you don’t drive very much. If you have to take a road trip anywhere or expect your EV to do basic car or truck things, you’re sh*t out of luck. But hey! At least you own a new luxury car and can think you’re better than your neighbors! Amirite?

    Our latest example comes from a Colorado author who attempted to drive his EV back home to Wyoming. Alan O’Hashi says in order to make the 178-mile trip, it took him FIFTEEN HOURS.

    Do the math where you live. Driving a more reliable gas-powered vehicle, I can make a 178-mile trip in three and a half hours. Driving from Colorado to Wyoming, factoring in the speed limit, it should take only two and a half hours. The second time O’Hashi made the trip, he was able to bring it down to eleven hours. So, that’s progress I guess.

    The problem is when you drive an EV, you have additional concerns you don’t have driving a gas-powered vehicle: finding charging stations, if you have to drive uphill, if it’s too windy, etc. If your EV breaks down, you can’t depend on it breaking down outside of a coal mine where coal miners can push your EV to safety for you.

    This part’s my favorite:

    While waiting to charge, he noted that he often spends extra money shopping or eating, in addition to the charging cost.

    Now the Biden economic agenda makes sense. First, they stimulate the economy by “changing your behavior” so you buy a luxury car. THEN, as you attempt to charge that luxury car, you are forced to spend more money out of boredom. If you drive a gas-powered car, the most you spend is on munchies, a slushie, and maybe a pair of gas station sunglasses.

    In fairness to O’Hashi, I’m sure he is a-ok spending an extra nine hours on a basic road trip. Something something, green. Something something, climate. Something something, we’re all in this together.

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