Brown ‘most disappointed’ he’s been in career following loss to Texas Tech

    West Virginia lost 48-10 to Texas Tech on Saturday, and Mountaineer head coach Neal Brown said this was the most disappointed he has been as a head coach.

    “Probably as disappointed as I’ve ever been as a football coach in my entire career,” Brown said.

    West Virginia trailed 17-3 at halftime, hoping their offense could get something going. The Mountaineers would be unable to, as JT Daniels threw an interception on the first drive of second half, before Texas Tech scored a touchdown two plays later.

    “We go into half 17-3 and I thought we kind of weathered the storm with their offense and I thought we played about as bad as we could offensively, but we showed that we can actually play worse in the second half,” Brown said.

    Last week, West Virginia beat Baylor 43-40, totaling 500 yards of offense, while this week, the Mountaineers finished with 282 total yards.

    “This team’s just been a rollercoaster,” Brown said. “We played really well against a really good football team last week in Baylor and won the game. And then we played about as bad as we can possibly play the game of football today. It’s unbelievably frustrating to say the least.”

    Brown said the one word to sum up the offenses performance was “bad.”

    “Offensively, we were just bad. Bad,” Brown said. “We didn’t play well at any position. We never gave our team a chance. Four turnovers, two of them on balls that got taken away form us, didn’t protect well up front, receivers were a non-factor in the game.”

    Brown’s offense converted 4 of 14 third downs and only reached the red zone once.

    “I don’t know if I have a positive word to say about us offensively,” Brown said.

    The Mountaineers had four turnovers on the day, three interceptions and then a fumble by CJ Donaldson. Brown said those turnovers are unacceptable and should not happen.

    “Those turnovers should not happen,” Brown said. Those are not forced turnovers.”

    Defensively, Brown said West Virginia’s poor offensive performance was one of the reasons the Mountaineer defense struggled. Texas Tech ran 103 plays, and West Virginia could not get any positive plays on defense.

    “Defensively, to be fair, you’re going to look at the numbers, but it’s tough to even evaluate them because they had to go and play after four turnovers. And the results are what they are because they had to play 34 minutes in the game and 100 some plays,” Brown said.

    Brown did say his defense has to be more opportune as in the first half they had multiple chances at turnovers but could not capitalize.

    “We competed at times on that side of the ball,” Brown said. “I thought we had opportunities for the ball in the first half. I think they put the ball on the ground three times, maybe four… then we had an interception on the first drive that we didn’t make a play on.”

    Brown said Tech’s 103 plays were able to keep West Virginia behind the whole game on defense.

    “Our response wasn’t very good to [tempo],” Brown said. “They kind of just chipped away at us. Credit them they were patient. They got it into third and shorts and fourth and shorts and converted.”

    Brown said his frustration late in the second half came from a lack of intensity and effort from guys on his team.

    “I wanted people that were eager,” Brown said. “There’s a lot of things that we can tolerate, but not playing hard is not one of them. And if there were people that didn’t play hard, [they] won’t play next week.”

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