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    Barcelona fans have promised to stream Shakira’s music ‘every day’ on Spotify in a bid to make things awkward for her ex-husband Gerard Pique, after a shirt mock-up showed her name on the front of the shirt. 

    Barcelona, who are sponsored by Spotify, are collaborating with major music artists for one-off shirt designs, with rapper Drake having his logo on the jersey for their El Clasico defeat to Real Madrid.

    Now, after fans mocked up Shakira’s name as the next artist collaboration for Barcelona, reports in Spain have suggested it could potentially become a reality, making things incredibly awkward for Pique.

    Fans on social media mocked up Shakira’s name on the front of Barcelona’s shirt, with many hoping her ex-husband Gerard Pique will one day have to wear it

    Pique (left) and singer Shakira (right) announced their split in July after 12 years of marriage

    Pique and Latin singing sensation Shakira split in July following 12 years of marriage. 

    The Barcelona defender is now dating 23-year-old Clara Chia Marti but, alas, fans seem desperate to see him made to wear a shirt bearing the name of his ex-wife. 

    Pique has two children – Milan, nine, and Sasha, seven – to the ‘Hips don’t lie’ singer.

    ‘I NEED TO SEE PIQUE IN THIS SHIRT,’ one eager fan wrote. 

    ‘I will listen to Shakira every day just to get her logo on Pique’s shirt,’ another added.

    Pique has had a difficult time on and off the pitch but many more want to see him put in the awkward position of having to wear a shirt with his ex-wife’s name as the sponsor

    Many revelled in the mock-up design on social media, suggesting they will listen to Shakira on Spotify every day to help make it happen

    ‘Xavi I have never asked you for anything but make Pique the starter,’ a third said, with the defender falling out of favour this season. 

    While the shirt was mocked up by a parody account, it has swept through the Spanish press with some claims it could actually happen. 

    Shakira, who is about to release her latest song ‘Monotonia’, is the most popular Latin singer on Spotify and recently celebrated one billion streams on the platform for ‘Hips don’t lie’.

    In announcing their collaboration with Drake, after he hit 50 billion streams on Spotify, the cash-strapped Catalan club hinted more artists would follow. 

    Spotify sponsor Barcelona but are working with major artists for special designs and Shakira, one of the biggest artists on Spotify, may one day be given her spot on the jersey. (Pictured: rapper Drake became the first artist to make the shirt after getting 50 billion streams)

    ‘This type of exchange on the front of the jersey is scheduled to happen more as the season progresses,’ Barcelona noted. 

    The Shakira shirt has caused quite the stir and should it come to pass it would be fascinating for fans if Pique was selected and the shirt was made. 

    It is unclear which artists are set for future collaborations but Shakira recently celebrated 50 million monthly streams on Spotify. 

    Drake’s shirt didn’t bring much luck to Barcelona as they were comfortably beaten 3-1 by Real Madrid at the Bernabeu.  

    Will Gerard Pique wear Shakira’s name on his Barcelona shirt?!

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