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    My Massive C**k

    10pm, Channel 4

    No sniggering at the back! Some fun was likely had when brainstorming the title of this documentary, which is part of Channel 4’s cohort of “radical” shows for its 40th birthday. But the programme actually takes a serious tone as it explores the reality of having an extra-large penis – hearing from those who are proud of their size as well as men who say it seriously complicates their lives (with some even seeking penis reduction surgery). Hollie Richardson

    The Pact

    9pm, BBC One

    The Wales-set drama about dark secrets and divided loyalties returns with a new premise and (mostly) new cast. After playing a cop looking into a suspicious “brewdunnit” in season one, Rakie Ayola is now a grieving mum whose fractured family is starting to heal. Then a hooded stranger enters their lives … Graeme Virtue

    The Walk-In

    Reformed neo-Nazi turned anti-racist activist Matthew Collins (played by the brilliant Stephen Graham) attempts to keep far-right Robbie Mullen (Andrew Ellis) safe after he contacts Hope Not Hate in the penultimate episode of this fact-based drama. Meanwhile, Collins’s family are placed in danger when his children are targeted, and a former BNP member steps out of the shadows. Ali Catterall

    Made in the 80s: The Decade That Shaped Our World

    9pm, Channel 4

    A potent cocktail of debauchery, political divides and unrivalled creativity, the 80s was an era that defined Britain on the world stage. Casting aside rose-tinted nostalgia, the first in this three-part series recalls the ad men who conquered Hollywood and the spies who altered the course of history. Danielle De Wolfe

    Princess Rhaenys (Eve Best) in House of the Dragon

    House of the Dragon

    9pm, Sky Atlantic

    After nine stewing episodes of plotting, scheming and foot fetishising, we’re expecting all dragons blazing in a lively season finale. Rhaenys touches down in Dragonstone to warn Daemon and Rhaenyra (sorely missed last week) that the Greens are coming for them. Cue main players pledging the allegiances, a hesitant Alicent reconsidering her plans, and, err, Daemon singing to a dragon. HR

    Question Team

    10pm, Dave

    This quizshow, in which the guests write their own rounds, is the perfect low-effort, high-impact format to match host Richard Ayoade’s gently sardonic temperament. Getting quizzy with it this week are comedians Sue Perkins, Reginald D Hunter and Ellie Taylor. Ellen E Jones

    Film choice

    Hiroshi Ichihara as a zombie in One Cut of the Dead

    One Cut of the Dead (Shin’ichirô Ueda, 2017) 2.15am, Film4
    For its first half-hour, this is a behind-the-scenes film about the making of a low-budget zombie horror whose director introduces the actual undead on to the set. Then it flips into being a comedy relating how that film was created – what we had been watching was a live, one-take broadcast. It’s all wittily meta – and a logistical triumph for the (real) director Shin’ichirô Ueda – with those odd camera angles or unexplained slices of dialogue revealed to be the result of panicked improvisation due to drunk actors, technical errors or understudies going off-script. Simon Wardell

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