Canyon’s K.I.S. Tech Promises Steering Stability

    Hey Mr Lynx, I’m just reacting to what you wrote. You’re right that this is NSMB, and hey, guess what? that’s the filter we use when writing about bikes, but you’re wrong that 0.05% of world terrain is steep. Yes, the shore is unique, but there is really steep and technical terrain in LOTS of places, including the entire PNW (WA, OR, northern CA), most of BC, anything bordering on the Rockies, the Western states, many of the Northeastern states, Costa Rica, Mexico, Alaska, the Yukon, Chile, France, the UK, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Switzerland, Austria, heck even Germany in a few places…I could go on but I don’t think I need to. It’s not an exhaustive list – those are just places I’ve ridden bikes where I’d prefer a head angle in the 63-65 degree range. 

    The system usefulness and purpose might be debatable, but the need for maintenance is undeniable.

    If you want to compare it to a part of the bicycle that you can claim “without maintenance” compare it to bottle cage rivets. Those are effectively free of maintenance. On some old frames they might loose up, and you can still fix them with the proper rivet pliers, but that might never happen through the life of a frame.

    Here we have a complex additional part with moving small part and even springs. I’m sure there would be issues along the way such as: the band rubbing a nasty scar on the fork’s steerer, springs getting stretched by handlbars going past 90 degrees, various forms of bolts stripping, even just having to clean a perfectly working system on the yearly rebuild adds maintenance.

    It’s annoying that we still have to read such claims when so much information is available. I really don’t see the point in lying to the customer purposely to assure him that this other part in its million parts bycicle it’s just going to sit there like a new decal on the toptube.

    In the end if this is working for you, you should accept the maintenance it comes with it wich, as little as it could be, it still adds up to the most maintenance greedy bikes ever.

    No one is lying to you. Saying something is maintenance free simply means – and let me be very clear here since apparently it’s needed – that regular maintenance is not needed or prescribed to keep the system running well. That is not a guarantee that nothing will ever happen that requires attention. I’d think that would be obvious, but I’ll take the blame for not heading off every single pedantic argument at the pass on that one.

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