No refund so man files police report against Bedok hair salon for selling S$4,800 package to his elderly mother

    A police report has been filed against a hair salon near Bedok MRT after an 82-year-old woman’s son failed to get a refund from the shop for a hair care package that cost about S$4,800.

    The woman’s son, surnamed Weng (according to Hanyu Pinyin), said that the hair salon refused to refund his mother on the grounds that the money she paid had already been paid out as wages, Chinese media Shin Min Daily News reported.

    The payment for the package was supposedly made on Aug. 30.

    However, the payment remained undiscovered until some time last week, when Weng’s wife updated his mother’s bank book.

    Mother only wanted to get her hair washed, ended up buying a package for 20 sessions

    According to the Chinese media, the elderly woman had headed to the salon to get her hair washed on Aug. 30, 2022.

    When asked about the incident by Weng, following the payment’s discovery, she reportedly told him that she went to the salon with the maid but did not remember how much she paid.

    Weng said he then went down to the store to inquire about the incident and was told that his mother had bought a package for 20 sessions.

    Weng added that this meant each session cost more than S$200.

    He was quoted as saying, “Is it that expensive to cut hair? When I asked the manager for a refund, she said that it had been too long and she could not refund the money.”

    Weng also claimed that his mother is hard of hearing as she was completely deaf in her left ear.

    She therefore might not have understood the packages that were being sold, he added.

    Salon: Hard to provide refund as money has already been paid out

    Shin Min Daily News further reported that when one of its reporters went down to the salon a few days ago, the store manager confirmed that Weng’s mother had bought a package.

    The manager said that each session costs S$238 as scalp care is included.

    There is also no expiry for the package and Weng’s mother can use it either for herself or for her friends, the manager added.

    With regard to the request for a refund, the manager said that she had reported the matter to her boss.

    “However, that was two months ago and the money has already been paid out as wages so its really hard for us to refund,” she said.

    Elderly woman alleges that salon clerk followed her to withdraw money

    Meanwhile, Weng’s mother told Shin Min that a clerk from the salon had followed her to withdraw money.

    Her bank book record showed that the salon had first charged her about S$3,000 through her ATM card, followed by a withdrawal of S$1,800.

    Weng’s mother said that following her payment in the salon, the clerk told her that a little bit more was needed and accompanied her to withdraw the money.

    The elderly woman told Shin Min that while she remembered entering her PIN at the ATM, she did not remember the amount that was withdrawn.

    Shin Min further quoted the clerk as saying that the exact value of the package she bought was S$4,760.

    “She still owed S$1,760 after paying in the store. Subsequently, she forked out S$1,800, and we returned S$40 to her.”

    In response to Mothership’s queries, the police replied:

    “The Police confirm that a report was lodged and are looking into the matter.”

    Mothership has also reached out to CASE for more information on the matter.

    Top photos via Shin Min Daily News

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