5 Male K-Pop Idols With Natural Fangs

    Every K-Pop idol has that special something that sets them apart from the rest. Whether it’s a particular hairstyle, singing technique, or their impressive dance moves, fans are able to find that one unique quality that leads them to stan a certain idol. That one noteworthy point can be found in an idol’s bright, charming smile. Some idols have remarkably straight teeth, an adorable snaggletooth, or natural fangs. These fangs are seen as cool and charismatic, giving a different feel to the idols who have them. You can’t help but continue to stare at these idols and fall deeper in love with them because of it. So let’s meet some of these male K-Pop idols with cool, natural fangs.   1. NCT’s JaeHyun As a lead dancer, JaeHyun already drips with confidence and swag whenever he takes the stage. His powerful movements are but one reason why many have become his fan. His natural fangs elevate his blinding smile, making it so you cannot look away. There are various threads and social media posts that praise JaeHyun for his unique set of teeth. Even we could not help ourselves from looking through multiple pictures of his fanged smile.   2. GOT7’s Mark The beloved GOT7 member stole the hearts of many through his dashing good looks and charismatic rap skills. He continues to find success and show off his lovely vocals as a soloist, being able to hold a world tour all on his own. It’s no doubt that his stellar canine teeth add another layer of coolness to his already enticing aura. His smile alone is enough to make anyone a fan.   3. TXT’s TaeHyun When you think about fangs, you would probably associate the words cool, charismatic, or maybe even intimidating due to its sharpness. But TaeHyun’s teeth give off a completely different vibe. They make him appear cute and adorable. Knowing that he’s part of the maknae line, it makes perfect sense that his fangs can be seen this way. You can’t help but adore TaeHyun’s sweet, fanged smile.   4. ATEEZ’s YeoSang Despite being an introvert, YeoSang has worked hard to stand on stage as an idol and many have recognized his efforts. Not only is he diligent in his work, but he sports a prince-like visual that can leave anyone breathless from just a single look. YeoSang’s natural fangs add an undeniable charm and has been one of the reasons many fans have fallen for the idol. How can a smile be both sexy and cute at the same time? YeoSang is definitely born with that star quality to pull off such duality.   5. ENHYPEN’s SungHoon SungHoon is but another idol with prince-like visuals. If someone said he was born into royalty, we would definitely believe them. He has shown off his charms both on stage as a performer and as an MC for KBS’ “Music Bank”. His natural fangs add another layer of coolness to his remarkable visuals. 4th generation K-Pop is

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