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    CAMP HILL, Pa. — “I just feel like he has been chosen for this, I really do,” said Kristin Bailey, a healthcare worker from York, as she waited in line outside the Penn Harris Hotel on Tuesday evening before the election results watch party for Doug Mastriano, the Republican nominee for governor of Pennsylvania. “I think he was led to this position for a reason.”

    Inside the hotel ballroom, simulated disco-ball lights danced across the ceiling as a couple of hundred people, mostly middle-aged and white, mingled with drinks as Fox News played on two giant screens on either side of a stage. The polls had just closed. A dead ringer for Mastriano walked around in a suit with multiple military medals pinned to his breast pocket.

    “I’m Robert Mastriano,” he said, introducing himself as Doug Mastriano’s brother before explaining the medals. “I’ve been in combat. I’ve served in special operations. I’ve served in humanitarian operations. I’ve been on a Navy ship for two years. I was in charge of three anti-terror security teams. And I’ve been a lot more places than I can think of.”

    A year later, Mastriano announced his candidacy for governor. At an event in Gettysburg hosted by believers in the QAnon conspiracy theory, he told supporters he would become governor because “my God will make it so.” A month later, Trump, repaying him for his fake electors scheme, endorsed Mastriano in the GOP primary.

    “We pray that every vote would be counted, and every effort to cheat the system will fail,” Charles Stock, one of those “apostles,” said in the opening prayer Tuesday evening. “And we pray that Pennsylvania will prosper under the leadership of its new governor Doug Mastriano, in Jesus’ name.”

    Fox News was showing Mastriano’s Democratic opponent, Josh Shapiro, with a commanding lead that was refusing to shrink as more and more votes came in. There were mumblings among his supporters that Fox News was up to its old tricks — residual anger from when the right-wing news channel called the election for Biden in 2020.

    Among them was Julie Green, a prominent Christian “prophet.” Her bodyguards stood nearby as Green twisted and turned to the music. Earlier this year, Green claimed to receive a prophecy from God that the “angel of death” would visit multiple prominent Democratic politicians before the year’s end. She has claimed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “loves to drink the little children’s blood.”

    And once, appearing alongside Mastriano at a QAnon event in Gettysburg, Green recited a message God had given her. “Yes, Doug, I am here for you, and I have not forsaken you,” she said, speaking as God. “The time has come for their great fall; for the great steal to be overturned. So, keep your faith in me.”

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