The Internet Is Furious After Parents Celebrate Son’s 5th Birthday at Hooters

    Listen, I’m not one to judge at all when it comes to where you want to celebrate your birthday. I’ve had my fair share of places to celebrate, so you go wherever you want to go. Like in this case, where a 5-year-old decided he wanted to go to Hooters for his birthday, so his parents complied. As they should, because the day is all about him. Forget Chuck-E-Cheese’s or Peter Piper Pizza, Hooters is where it’s at.

    A viral video is now making rounds on social media after a mom decided to take her son to Hooters for his birthday. The video has gained over 7.2 million views. Darby Allison, shared her son, Xander, celebrating his 5th birthday surrounded by Hooter Girls. She captioned the video “Shouldn’t have told them it was your birthday, buddy.”  The girls are all wearing the signature Hooters uniform, packed with tights, unfitted low-cut shirts and short shorts.

    After learning that it was his birthday, the Hooters waitresses handed him cone-shaped paper cups asking him to bite down on them to resemble an owl’s beak. In case you didn’t know, an owl is the official logo for Hooters. They also gave Xander some dishes and told him to flap his wings while they were happily singing happy birthday to him.

    Parents Celebrate Son’s 5th Birthday at Hooters

    There, the waitress announces, “attention, Hooters! This is my best friend, Xander, he’s turning five years old. Can I get a ride of applause?” As expected the customers clap their life away as they sing happy birthday.  The parents can be heard laughing off-camera, as the boy is seen flipping his wings up and down.

    In all fairness, it’s quite a cute video, and I approve of the restaurant choice. But, several believe that it was inappropriate to take a child to Hooters.  One user commented, “who brings a child to Hooters? I’m not American, and I really don’t understand the whole Hooters thing.”  Another one noted, “ bro he’s 5. What’s he doing in Hooters? Great mum and dad.”

    “So you took him to a ti_ty restaurant? So much for protecting the children,” another one noted. But there were others that didn’t seem to mind, finding the whole situation hilarious. “ Former Hooters girl, this is so cute!!,” one user commented. “I’m doing the same with my son!! So cue,” another one chimed. 

    Honestly, I’m with him in this one, this is really cute. Who cares if they go to Hooters it’s not like they’re naked women there. Sure, their uniform is a bit revealing, but it’s okay, this child just wanted to celebrate. Who cares where they go, at least you’re celebrating.

    Let them be.

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