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    Binance Pay’s new Trust Wallet integration lets you conveniently transfer crypto to your decentralized wallet

    When you transfer assets from your Binance Funding Wallet to your Trust Wallet account, you won’t even need to scan/input a wallet address. Only need to click “Deposit from exchange” on Trust Wallet App.  What’s more,  no extra fees except blockchain gas fees.

    This function is currently supported on Trust Wallet App’s Android version only, and will be ready on iOS soon.

    There’s now a simple way to transfer funds between your Binance account and your Trust Wallet. Bridge the worlds of CeFi and DeFi with our new integrated features!

    For Binance and Trust Wallet users, crypto life’s just got a whole lot easier. Binance Pay’s new Trust Wallet integration simplifies the process of moving your crypto between the two services. Now, it only takes a few clicks to move your funds from Binance Pay and into the world of DApps that Trust Wallet unlocks.

    Why Have We Brought This Integration to Binance Pay and Trust Wallet Users?

    While the feature may sound simple, it provides solutions to many issues that Trust Wallet users have been previously running into. Both newcomers and seasoned crypto veterans will appreciate the convenience provided by this new integration. 

    Transferring crypto from an exchange can be a drawn-out process

    If you want to transfer crypto from your Binance account to an external wallet, it can take some work. From switching between apps to selecting networks and checking addresses, there’s a lot to keep in mind. With the new integration, there’s no need to put in your address or scan a QR code manually. 

    Transferring crypto can be scary

    New users who aren’t used to long crypto addresses, gas fees, and the hassle of ensuring that the right network is selected can find the transfer process intimidating. It’s especially daunting when you know that if you send the funds to the wrong address, you may permanently lose your assets. With the new integration feature, there’s no need to worry about putting in the right address. It’s all done automatically for you.

    The steps are simple! Follow the video below to see exactly how you can quickly transfer your crypto without any fees.

    What Are Trust Wallet and Binance Pay?

    Trust Wallet

    Founded in 2017, Trust Wallet is a secure, multi-chain, self-custodial, decentralized crypto wallet. The application makes it easy for people to buy, sell, earn, and store their crypto assets in one place. It ranks among the world’s leading self-custodial wallets, with over 58 million app downloads and 10+ million MAUs worldwide. Trust Wallet was acquired by Binance in 2018 and has built a reputation among consumers for security and privacy.

    Binance Pay

    Binance Pay is a contactless, borderless, and secure cryptocurrency payment technology designed by Binance. It allows users to shop with crypto or send digital assets to friends and family worldwide without the hassle usually seen with manual crypto payments. The service offers zero fees and lightning-fast payments while also supporting over 200 cryptocurrencies.

    Binance Pay Is Your Key to Quickly Accessing Web3

    If you’re already a Binance Pay or Trust Wallet user (or perhaps even both!), now’s the perfect time to save on fees and gain some peace of mind when moving your crypto around. There’s a big Web3 world out there just waiting to be explored, so don’t let transaction fees or unnecessarily complex payments processes hold you back!

    For more information on what Binance Pay and Trust Wallet can offer, take a look at the following articles:

    Risk Warning: Digital asset prices can be volatile. The value of your investment can go down or up and you may not get back the amount invested. You are solely responsible for your investment decisions and Binance is not liable for any losses you may incur. Please fund your wallet and perform your transactions cautiously. Not financial advice. For more information, see our Terms of Use and Risk Warning.

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