How To Hide Your Snapchat Score

    Snapchat is among the social media platforms that urge their users to use it more than other social network. It is evident because Snapchat has a score that grows with each use of the app and rates your performance. Additionally, Snapchat gives you Streaks for talking to other users multiple days in a row. These features make using the app almost like playing a game which no other social networks has done. Instagram and Facebook do not offer scores that indicate how many messages you have sent or the photos you like. Streaks are not a difficult concept to understand in Snapchat however, the score that the app provides for each user has always been somewhat of mystery. Snapchat keep the secrets of the score they give out to users a secret, though most people who use the app regularly have of course figured it out. Browse around this site to find out a full article about increase snapchat score. Your score will rise with each use of the app. The score increases each when you send or receive a snap to or from an individual. Snapchat users younger than those with a higher age are more competitive in their scores. Some people want to increase their score in order to make themselves more noticeable to other people. Some people want to hide their number since they don’t interact with many people or aren’t interested to look trendy. It is not possible to cover up your Snap score. Where can I find my Snapchat Score? When you first open your Snapchat application it will launch to the camera interface and will be ready to take a photo or video. Start your profile by tapping on the Bitmoji icon or Snapchat avatar in the top left corner. It will appear if you have a bitmoji account that is linked to your Snapchat account. If you’ve uploaded photos to your story in the past 24 hours, you will see a circle with your latest post inside it. If you don’t have bitmoji or haven’t uploaded to your story in the past 24 hours, you will see a gray icon that looks similar to a person’s head and shoulders. You will notice a lot of things on your profile once you’ve opened it. Under your name you will be able to see your Snapcode which is the way you get in touch with your contact information, your Snapchat score is also below your name. Your Snapchat score, which is a combination of several elements, is a score that measures how often you use Snap and how much. What is the process that determines my Snapchat score? The most likely scenario is that sending and receiving a snap will earn you one point toward your score, and sharing your story is worth one point also. When you send a snap to multiple people at a time it doesn’t seem to be worth any more than sending it to one individual. The reason for this score is to provide users something to talk about or perhaps spark enthusiasm to use the app more to get the “Higher Score” than your friends. Just a little trick to encourage people to make use of their app more. An effective trick. Two numbers will be displayed when you click on Snapchat score. These numbers represent the number of snaps you’ve sent the first time and the number of snaps you’ve received following that. Can you hide your snap score? Snapchat users with access to your profile can be able to see the Snapchat score. This is not a good thing. There’s no setting on Snapchat which allows you to hide your Snapchat score from your friends and it’s always going to be visible to them as you’re friends with them. If you don’t join as friends there is no way to allow them to view your score. This will make it easy for you to eliminate the people you don’t want to know your score. A lot of people want to hide their Snapchat score. This is due to the fact that others are able to see the increase in the score of their snaps, which means that they are active on Snapchat. There’s no way to stop your Snapchat score from rising to stop people from seeing that you’re active on the app. People will see that you’re active on Snapchat if you send snaps to them and open them. How To Hide Snapchat Score You can hide your Snapchat score by simply removing them from the friends list. It isn’t possible to stop an individual from being your Snapchat friend, if they’re still interested in the app. In the near future there could be more privacy on snap however at the moment, there’s not an option to hide this. Block Them Another way to hide your Snapchat score from people is to block them. Blocking someone’s account will stop the person from clicking on your username or locating your account, which means they can’t view your snap score. If you block an individual on Snapchat you’re no longer your friend.

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