MCD elections are a saving grace to the boring Indian elections

    Elections in India are a routine affair. All the parties try their luck and go among the voters with their ideology and election promises. But off late, these interesting election fests were turned into a one-sided affair with opposition completely vacating the political landscape. Since 2014, the opposition parties have failed miserably to put up a strong fight against BJP, with a few exceptions of strong regional satraps. The MCD elections in Delhi can break this monotonous electioneering and boredom of one-sided election or the so-called two-party election, with one party having a clear distant advantage.

    Can the MCD elections go down to the wire?

    In April, the Delhi Municipal Corporation (Amendment) Bill, 2022 received the President’s assent. The Act unified all the three Municipal Corporations of Delhi. After that, this will be the first local body elections in Delhi. The voting will take place

    on 4th of December 2022. The voters will elect 250 councillors of Municipal Corporation of Delhi. The results will be declared on 7th of December 2022.

    All the political parties are stepping up their strategies to win the crucial state body election. If Congress doesn’t carry out its self-destructive acts, the MCD elections can be an open triangular fight this time. As per the current trends AAP is trying to dislodge

    the incumbent BJP but it is wary of Congress. The grand old party, Congress is upping its ante and hopes to revive its lost political capital in the urban local body.

    Bad news for AAP: Congress trying to revive itself in the urban local body

    The Aam Aadmi Party made inroads in several new political frontiers at the expense of Congress. AAP swallowed the Congress’ vote bank for two particular reasons. First, its own aggressive strategy of expansion and the hyped advertisement of its ‘Delhi model’. Second, the reluctance of Congress. But it seems that AAP has some bad news in Delhi.

    The Congress is trying to revive itself right before the wee hours of MCD elections. It is trying to corner both the AAP-ruled Delhi government and BJP-ruled MCD councillors on the issue of ‘Pollution’, ‘Corruption’ and ‘incompetence’. Further, it is relying on the past infrastructure development during the time of Former CM Sheila Dixit.

    On 20th of November, the Congress party released its election manifesto. It is harking back to the times of party’s Former CM Sheila Dixit. It is going among the voters with the argument that Delhi was way better under former Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit. The party has launched a campaign claiming that MCD means ‘meri chamakti Dilli’ and Delhi will again be Sheila ji’s Delhi.

    BJP goes for an all-out aggressive campaigning strategy

    After the advent of PM Modi, BJP has become the default party virtually throughout the nation. But things have been the same when it comes to Municipal elections in Delhi. It has been in power for the last 15 years. The incumbent BJP knows that it has to tackle the issue of anti-incumbency. Anti-incumbency becomes a natural affair after such a long period of governance.

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    For that, it has recently announced its list of 40 star-campaigners. They would carry out an extensive campaign for the party. They will disseminate the development work carried out by it through the Municipal body. On 20th of November, when Congress released its election manifesto, the incumbent Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) held 14 roadshows spread throughout Delhi. The party is making sure that its doesn’t sit back and let ‘natural’ anti-incumbency play a spoilsport. It is relying on its core strength of door-to-door campaign, top political leaders spread the word of its work and not take any election lightly.

    On the other hand, Aam Aadmi Party has been taking several back-to-back blows which has put it on the back seat. AAP Ministers are facing serious corruption charges and have been caught red-handed for double-speak on the claim of common man. However, it is relying on its freebie politics and the so-called Delhi Model to dethrone the incumbent BJP from the urban local body. Additionally, it has been making emotional pitches among the voters to give them a chance as different parties create hindrance in governance. Evidently, it has been regularly playing on the same lines and shun its responsibility for the same.

    It is counting on the thought process that had earlier worked for it. It says that for quite some time you can fool all of the people. Later, keep diverting the issue, play the victim card and cling onto power.

    If the election goes to the wire and all the parties put up a strong fight, a close fought triangular contest is a high possibility. If this happens, this will be a major positive for electorates as localised issues will be discussed and debate will be around development works and future promises for the local residents.

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