Speedy na prophet – Nigerians react to throwback video of Speed Darlington warning about impending crypto crash

    Nigerian singer, Speed Darlington stopped being a believer in the crypto frenzy at a time that the buzz was growing an many people were being sucked in.

    A throwback video of the US-based internet sensation warning against making crypto investments has resurfaced on social media.

    Speed Darlington advised people to leave Bitcoin trading and investment before it will ruin their lives.

    ”Get out of Bitcoin before swallow you, bobo, me I don get out oo”, he said.

    The video was unearthed following reports that the alleged “digital gold” of Bitcoin fell two-thirds in value.

    According to the rapper, he put in $1000 but after sometime it fell to $50 dollars and it made him nearly lose his mind.

    His early warning sparked reactions from Nigerians on social media about the danger of not seeing the clip sooner.

    Watch the video below:

    Speedy warned us 🤣

    — Osaretin Victor Asemota (@asemota) November 17, 2022

    Reacting, @Ezeudubobpete wrote; I lost a $1000. It’s just so painful that each time I remember I will shout 😔 It’s not easy but man, we’ve got to move on

    Kambilllli___; my presido, speedy na prophet e warn us but nobody listen

    @Uzuakoliii; I sold my Solana coin after I watched this video, left only my Fantom coin and almost bought FTX in my TrustWallet . After I made the sale I felt like made the wrong call but you never know.

    @Somzoe; I never had interest in any of those coins,because if I can’t use you to buy things from the local store, what am I saving you for?.

    @Odogwumalay1; Guy! Speedy na werey! I wonder why he’s not fully into comedy. Would pay to watch him.

    @ExquisiteBabs; Please guys if bitcoin falls and all the money in my wallet goes to zero $ and later it appreciates will I get my money back ?

    @Lil_BrownG; If I saw this video on time maybe I’d be richer now.

    @iam__reynold; akpi go be goood financial adviser

    @cryptodiya; I just imagine what he will be telling the person that introduced him to crypto when his portfolio value was dropping.

    @tuoyo___; You could feel the pain in his voice when he said chai! 😂

    @Adrianne_curri; He was way ahead of us 🥺🤦

    @Lanreei; Our very own Nostrodamus. I hail a great man!

    @amah23_chima; our President warned us. But we no hear.

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