How To Get Skinny Fast – A Week Is All You Need!

    Eating right is the best way to get skinny fast. Yes, you heard that right! The secret to knowing how to get skinny fast lies in understanding how your body reacts to foods. Choosing foods low in calories, high in dietary fiber, and rich in nutrients can help you whittle away those extra inches. Staying active and leading a healthy lifestyle also speeds up the process. Read on to know how to get skinny fast with a sample 7-day diet plan, an exercise regimen, and a list of lifestyle changes. You soon will turn heads at the big event you are preparing for!

    Things To Keep In Mind Before You Begin

    This Plan Is Not For Long-Term Weight Loss

    Losing weight quickly is challenging. That’s why we have devised a plan that helps you lose water weight to make you look slimmer. Please note that you should not follow this plan continuously beyond one week. It is designed for short-term weight loss goals.

    Talk To Your Doctor

    Before you start following this plan, you MUST talk to your doctor to seek their approval.

    Your Body Type

    There are three main types of bodies: ectomorphic, mesomorphic, and endomorphic. Let us take a brief look at each one before exploring ways to get skinny quickly.

    When you think about skinny people, you are thinking about ectomorphs, who have very little fat and muscle and have a bone structure that is more delicate than the others. Individuals with ectomorphic body types are naturally skinny. It could also be that it is easier for them to lose weight. An example of an ectomorph is the always-skinny Taylor Swift.

    People with this body type build muscle naturally. Their body also gains fat faster. However, their advantage is that they are able to lose the fat they gain quite easily. A good example of a mesomorphic body type would be actress Jessica Biel.

    Endomorphs have a body type that is quite complicated. They have to work hard to control the percentage of body fat. It is a struggle for them to lose weight. Singer Beyonce is an example of an endomorphic body type.

    The level of difficulty or ease with which you can get skinny depends on your body type. Also, set realistic goals of getting slimmer so that you can achieve them without being disappointed.

    Do Not Ignore Health To Become Skinny

    Health should always come first as it trumps being “skinny” any day. Maintaining a healthy weight and improving your overall health should be your primary goal.  If you are not feeling the whole vibe of “getting skinny” then drop it! Do not force yourself to do something that your body and mind are rejecting.

    With these points in mind, take a look at our short-term plan to get slim fast:

    Diet Plan To Follow

    The 7-day diet plan requires the dieters to cut calories gradually. After the 7th day, for the next 2 weeks, the dieters must consume healthy foods and avoid sugary foods, saturated fats, and foods that are loaded with trans fats.

    Meal What To Eat
    Early Morning 1 glass warm water with 1 tablespoon honey and 1/2 a lime.
    Breakfast Options:
    Scrambled eggs, 1 slice of multi-grain bread, and 1 cup milk.
    Any healthy juice made up of fresh ingredients.
    Lunch Options:
    Tuna salad with fresh veggies and Dijon mustard dressing.
    Asparagus, spinach, and carrot/beetroot salad with a light dressing.
    Post-Lunch 8 almonds and 1 apple.
    Evening Snack 1 cup black or green tea with2 multigrain biscuits.
    Dinner Options:
    Broccoli, butternut squash, and cauliflower blended soup.
    Stir-fried chicken/turkey with veggies.
    Why This Works

    Adult women need 2200 calories per day (1). Start by cutting 200 calories on the first day, so that your body does not feel deprived. Start your day with detox water to flush out the toxins. Eating every 2-3 hours throughout the day will keep your cells active and keep you from munching on junk food.

    Since you will be taking 2000 calories on this day, it is recommended that you expend the energy by working out. Here is a list of exercises that you can do at home at your convenient time.

    Exercises For Day 1

    Day 2 – 1600 Calories

    Meal What To Eat
    Early Morning 1 glass warm water with 1 tablespoon honey and 1/2 a lime or any detox drink.
    Breakfast Kale or banana smoothie.
    Whole wheat pancake with honey.
    Lunch Broccoli soup or Cabbage soup.
    Post-Lunch 1 bowl of fruits.
    Evening Snack 1 cup green tea with 1 oatmeal biscuit.
    Dinner Options:
    Chicken clear soup with veggies.
    Grilled fish with yogurt and grated veggies dip.
    Chickpea tortilla wrap with avocado and mustard sauce.
    Why This Works

    from munching on junk food.

    Since you will be taking 2000 calories on this day, it is recommended that you expend the energy by working out. Here is a list of exercises that you can do at home at your convenient time.

    Exercises For Day 2

    Day 3 – 1200 Calories

    Meal What To Eat
    Early Morning 1 glass warm water and juice of 1 lime.
    Breakfast 1 glass fat-free milk,1 apple, and 2 dates.
    Lunch Options: Grilled cottage cheese and vegetable sandwich without mayonnaise or cheese.

    Smoked turkey bacon salad with olive oil and dijon mustard dressing.

    Post-Lunch 1 cup watermelon.
    Evening Snack 1 glass lemonade.
    Dinner Options: Grilled chicken cubes with pineapple and honey. Blanched French beans with mashed carrot/beetroot

    Smoked turkey bacon salad with olive oil and dijon mustard dressing.

    Why This Works

    On this 1200 calorie day, you get to consume a lot of fresh fruits, fruit juices, and veggies so that you provide ample fiber to the body. Fiber prevents fat accumulation and also mobilizes stored fat (2).

    Exercises For Day 3

    Day 4 – 900 Calories

    Meal What To Eat
    Early Morning 1 glass warm water and juice of 1 lime.
    Breakfast 1 glass fruit juice made with pineapple, kiwi, peach, and freshly ground black pepper.
    Lunch Cherry tomato and greens salad with low-fat yogurt dressing.
    Post-Lunch 1 glass tomato juice with a dash of lime and pinch of black pepper.
    Evening Snack 1 cup baby carrots.
    Dinner Options:
    Lentil soup with peas and cauliflower.
    Smoked salmon and veggies with whole wheat pita bread.
    Why This Works

    This diet chart is significantly low in calories and lists foods that aid weight loss, such as black pepper, lime, vegetables, and fruits (3), (4), (5).

    Exercises For Day 4

    Day 5– 800 Calories

    Meal What To Eat
    Early Morning 1 glass warm water with juice of 1 lime and juice of an inch of ginger root.
    Breakfast 1 whole boiled egg.
    Lunch 1 bowl of blended vegetable soup.
    Post-Lunch 1 apple or 1 orange.
    Evening Snack 1 cup green tea with 1 multigrain biscuit.
    Dinner Options:
    Kidney bean salad+ 1 glass fat-free milk with a pinch of turmeric before bed.
    Grilled chicken salad + 1 glass fat-free milk with a pinch of turmeric before bed.
    Why This Works

    Eggs provide the body with the required amount of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids (6). A good protein-rich dinner will give nutrition to your muscles (7).

    Exercises For Day 5

    Day 6 & Day 7 – 700 Calories

    Meal What To Eat
    Early Morning 1 glass warm water with juice of 1 lime.
    Breakfast Options:
    Banana whole wheat pancakes with honey.
    Kale, celery, and strawberry smoothie with ground flaxseeds.
    Lunch Options:
    Grilled brussels sprouts and chicken salad.
    Thai papaya salad.
    Post-Lunch Options:
    Tender coconut water.
    Detox water
    Evening Snack 1 cup green tea.
    Dinner Options:
    Baked salmon with lime and herbs.
    Baked soy chunk stuffed capsicum.
    Why This Works

    On Day 6 and Day 7, dieters will be allowed to consume 700 calories per day. Negative calorie foods are included so that you burn fat while you digest what you eat. Coconut water and yogurt are filling yet low in calories (8), (9). Finish the day with a light protein-rich dinner to avoid muscle fatigue and weakness.

    Exercises For Day 6 & 7
    How Will You Feel After Day 6 & 7

    You will be surprised to see your body change, and the best part is losing weight without starving. Eating every 2 – 3 hours and eating foods that burn fat will prevent you from feeling weak and hungry. Yoga will also help keep your muscles and blood circulation active.

    Do not follow this diet plan for any longer than seven days. Sticking to a very low-calorie diet for a prolonged period will lead to compromised immunity, weak muscles, and bones. Also, consult your physician or dietitian before following this diet plan to know whether this will suit you.

    Along with diet and exercise, you must change your lifestyle gradually so that you do not have to worry about shedding pounds quickly. Here’s what you can do.

    Lifestyle Changes

    It has been said hundreds of times and cannot be said enough: eat plenty of fruits and veggies to get the dietary fiber they are rich in. This is another important part of losing weight fast. Dietary fiber helps the body in several ways, and making you feel full quickly is only one of them (10). With a diet rich in fiber, you satisfy your hunger faster, which means that you avoid overeating and gaining weight.

    Cook large meals but eat small ones! People who have lost weight successfully are those that realize the importance of balancing their diet, and not just in terms of food types. You should eat a small meal every 3 hours at least. This will prevent you from overeating and getting fat. Make it one of your goals to take in approximately 1200 to 1800 calories per day. It will definitely help you lose weight faster. 

    Make sure you chew your food well. This is an important part of losing weight (11). It is vital to ensure that your food is very well-chewed before you swallow it. 

    Your grocery list should only contain the most nutritious foods. Eating healthy is an important part of getting skinny. You should also limit the time you spend in the grocery store so that you stay away from the aisles that have all the unhealthy stuff. Healthy weight loss is the way to go if you are trying to get thin.

    A lot of people take the unhealthy route to getting skinny and skip meals. This is one of the worst mistakes that you could ever make as it does more harm than good. It may help you lose weight quickly, but before you know it, you will gain it, and a whole lot more, back. This is because when you do eat, you will eat a lot more than you would if you had not skipped any meals.

    Trying to get skinny fast is no mean feat to achieve. Having a support system that is reliable plays a huge role as it pushes you to keep going when things get tough. When you have someone who has the same goals as you, you can be there for each other and go through the journey together.

    When you are trying to get skinny, there are going to be a lot of cravings as your body will want the foods that you consumed before. Aerated and sweetened beverages, packaged fruit juices, and alcohol are temptations that many people give in to. You need to stop consuming sugar. Drink plenty of water and if you have a craving for something sweet, squeeze the juice out of fresh fruits and have it.

    Chewing gums contain a high amount of sugar (12). Also, when you chew gum, you gulp air and get bloated. Sure, chewing gums tone your face muscles, but for that opt for low-sugar chewing gums.

    If you sit for long hours at home, work, or school, try to change the habit by setting an alarm every 1 hour. As the alarm goes off, take a walk break or standing break. Stretch your arms and legs for about two minutes before getting back to work. Also, take the stairs whenever possible.

    One of the primary causes of obesity is stress (13). Have you noticed that you eat more when you are stressed? And it is usually unhealthy foods that you eat when you feel this way. Using food to gain comfort is one of the quickest ways to gain weight, so keep stress away and keep yourself busy with activities that make you feel happy and relaxed!

    Get at least 6-7 hours of sleep. Sleep will help rejuvenate the cells of your body and help your brain function better (14).

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