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    While a lot of female singers find it hard to sing THIS Adele’s song in its original key, EXO Chen sang it effortless while sitting!

    EXO Chen Flaunts Status as ‘Vocal King’ For Singing Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ In Original Key

    (Photo : Facebook: EXO)
    EXO Chen 

    On November 18, the YouTube channel, “Dive Studios” posted the Episode 13 of its segment, “Get Real Season 3,” titled, “EXO’s CHEN on his New album, Life pattern, Disappearing thing in Life.”

    In the show hosted by Ashley Choi (Ladies’ Code) BTOB Peniel and Junny, EXO Chen who appeared as a guest get real about his experiences in life, and sincerely talked about his career as a soloist.

    Immediately after the episode was uploaded, netizens and internet users who saw the clip can’t help but find the chemistry between the four celebrities exciting since they all debuted as third-gen singers.

    Fans, especially EXO-Ls felt grateful to the hosts for making the episode comfortable and relatable for Chen, the same as how the male idol was polite and genuine throughout the show.

    But on top of the topics that they discussed, what captured the attention of fans is the impromptu song cover by Chen of Adele’s hit, “Rolling in the Deep!”

    In particular, the sudden performance happened when Ashley asked Chen, “What’s a song you can listen to that never gets old?”

    Without much hesitation, Chen answered:

    “Ah, for me, it,’s Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep.”

    While it is noticeable that the three hosts were impressed by his response, Ashley was the one who took the courage and asked if he can sing at least one verse from the song.

    Fortunately, Chen agreed but humbly notified the hosts to pardon him if his lyrics will not be accurate.

    After singing, everyone cheered and Junny said:

    “Ah i got goosebumps.”

    Ashley then praised Chen by adding:

    “True to his vocal specialization, he set the tone very high.”

    (Photo : Dispatch)
    EXO Chen 

    While even Ashley find it hard to set the song in Adele’s original key, Chen effortlessly nailed the song even when he’s just sitting!

    Viewers then left comments such as:

    Meanwhile, this is not the first time Chen proved he’s “Vocal King” by hitting high notes like it’s common talent.

    In the past, the singer went viral for his cover of So Chan Whee’s “Tears” in its original Key, one of the hardest songs in Korea often played in karaoke rooms.

    EXO Chen Tops iTunes Chart In 31 Countries With 3rd Mini-Album ‘Last Scene’

    Meanwhile, EXO Chen who made his much-awaited comeback as a soloist on November 14 topped the iTunes chart at the same time as his comeback with his new solo album, “Last Scene.”

    Chen’s third mini-album “Last Scene,” ranked #1 in 31 countries in the iTunes top album chart, including Brazil, Mexico, Chile, India, Poland, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Russia, Singapore, Qatar, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Laos, Malaysia, Oman, Panama, Bulgaria, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, more.

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    Written by Eunice Dawson.

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