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    For almost 30 years now, Michael Jordan has been able to keep both of his marriages out of the public light.

    He quietly divorced his first wife, Juanita, after retiring from basketball. He gave her half his money, and she hasn’t spoken to the public ever since.

    In 2007 he met Yvette Prieto, got engaged in 2011, and married in 2013. While you do see them at events, not much is known about their marriage, so it made sense when Will Smith was going through a tough time with Jada Pinkett, he went to MJ to get some advice.

    This all happened back in 2012.

    There is rarely an event in the NBA that does not feature an appearance from Jordan. Furthermore, the NBA is not the only event in which Jordan makes an appearance. He was once spotted along with actor Will Smith.

    This happened during the 2012 Olympics, which were held in London. While Team USA celebrated a win, Jordan and Smith got together in Miami.

    Yvette Prieto, Jordan’s fiancee back then joined him in the dinner. Interestingly enough, this happened during a time when Will and Jada went through a rocky phase in their relationship.

    Jordan met Prieto in 2007 after getting divorced from his first wife. The two met at a nightclub and they dated for a while. After getting engaged in 2011, the two tied the knot in 2013.

    MJ and Prieto welcomed a pair of twins in 2014 and named them Ysabel and Victoria. As for Jordan’s other 3 children, they don’t live with the Chicago Bulls legend anymore.

    Despite all the attention, they have successfully kept the world out of their private life, as very little is known about the two.

    Whatever advice Jordan gave Will, either he didn’t listen, or it was bad because fast forward ten years, and Jada is still making Will’s life a living hell while Jordan is living stress-free, smoking a cigar somewhere.

    Flip the pages for all the times Jada embarrassed Will and some thirst traps of Jordan’s wife, Yvette.

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