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    ‘You know people have DIED building those stadiums’: Ian Wright says he feels ‘very conflicted’ being at the World Cup because ‘lives have been destroyed’ amid Qatar’s human rights scandal – as he insists workers’ families ‘deserve justice’

    Former England international and ITV pundit Ian Wright has given an emotional on-air monologue concerning his ‘conflicted feelings’ at covering the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

    The 59-year-old was joined pitch-side in Qatar as he opened up about his feelings towards presenting in the Middle East as the World Cup got underway on Sunday,

    The host nation has been tormented with investigations into the migrant crisis that has seen workers die during the construction of World Cup venues including stadiums throughout Qatar.

    Qatari officials have stated claims that only three workers dies during World Cup preparations but independent sources have quoter a figure of 6000 fatalities.

    Wright explained how a drive through Doha upon arriving in the host nation for the start of the tournament reminded him of the ‘families that have been destroyed’ by the deaths of victims and slammed the government for their lack of ‘compensation’.

    Wright said: ‘[I feel] very conflicted if I am being totally honest. When I got to the airport on Saturday, seeing the fans singing you start to feel what is going to happen.

    The Qatar World Cup got underway with a glamorous opening ceremony on Sunday evening

    Independent sources have quoted that 6000 migrant workers died during the construction of stadiums in Qatar

    Glamorous multi-million pound stadiums have cost workers their lives in the host nation 

    ‘Then you simply have to stop yourself because you know what has happened, you’ve seen the cities and how quickly they went up and you know that people have died building those stadiums. 

    ‘Then you think of the families, lives destroyed, families destroyed, and then you think of the compensation, the lack of commitment towards the victims.

    The former England star will be hoping to see the Three Lions lift the World Cup under manager Gareth Southgate in the Middle East. But warned the UK from ‘pointing fingers’ as he drew comparisons between Qatar and the Windrush crisis.

    Wright admitted he feels ‘very conflicted’ about working in Qatar covering the World Cup

    “This could be a pivotal moment in our society in that we can really begin to effect change.”@IanWright0 and @RobsonKanu provide their thoughts on the controversy surrounding the World Cup in Qatar 🗣#ITVFootball | #FIFAWorldCup

    — ITV Football (@itvfootball)

    Wright will be hoping to see England’s young stars lift the World Cup in Qatar

    Wright added: ‘Then I think about it and I have to think about back home in my own country, you think about the Windrush generation and the fact that 80% of them not being paid and people have died waiting. 

    ‘When you are pointing the finger you are pointing three at yourself but at the same time all you want for these people is for them to be compensated and get the justice they deserve.

    Other controversial talking points heading into Sunday’s grand opening in Qatar have been focused on the safety of LGBT+ supporters attending the host country.

    Homosexuality remains illegal in Qatar with Wright describing the situation as ‘very sad’. 

    Thousands of supporters were packed into the Al Bayt Stadium for the opening match

    ‘(On homosexuality being illegal) It’s very sad. We are talking about a regime of people that has said everybody is welcome, football is for everybody. 

    ‘But the reassurances they have given, you have to hope they can honour them because it is a sad situation for people who want to come and don’t feel safe. Time will tell.

    ‘You know people have DIED building those stadiums’: Ian Wright opens up about Qatar World Cup

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