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    Why Buran Ghati Is A Must Do Trek

    Starting from the quaint mountain village, Janglik, the Buran Ghati trek is unique in it’s own rights. There are many Himalayan treks in India that povides equisite views of some of the most scenic landscapes. This being said, not all sections of the trek are equally beautiful and we humbly accept this fact. However, when it comes to Buran Ghati, it’s as if all the best parts of the Himalayn trails were handpicked and assorted along the Buran Ghati trek. The entire trail is filled with immesaureable beauty making one perfect trek. Never will you feel bored at any single point of the trek, which makes it such a favorite among trekkers and shutterbugs alike.

    The Buran Ghati trek has a lotto offer. From dense thickets of Oak and Pine to an abundance of exotic Himalayan flora. Many streams glisten along the lush meadows along with the sacred Candranahan Lake, which remains frozen almost all year round. You will pass by villages that seem untouched by the civilization and give a glimpse into the mountain life. Pass through orchards of apples, peaches, pears and apricots near the Barua village and witness spectacular views of the Buran Pass, all in the same trek!

    About The Trek

    Buran Ghati trek is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a thrilling experience. Starting from the village of Janglik, an ancient Himalayan village, following an uphill climb towards a dense vegetation of Pine and Oak before the trail opens up into the beautiful Dayara Meadows You will notice many shepherd hutslined along the Dayara Meadows. The trail, all the way to Litham is full of forests and meadows, a delight for all the nature lovers out there.

    The trail to Litham unfolds the majestic Dhauladhar Range. This Range is among the ower Himalayan mountain chains and lies in the southern flank above the Knagra Valley. The Dunda campsite on your trail offers both the beauty of the mountains and the adrenaline rush of a thrilling climb. We will also pass through a charming Himalayan village, Barua where you can spot many varities of fruit beaing trees.

    This is mostly a moderate level trek with some aspects of a difficult trek as well. The scenery throughout the trail changes continuously and also except a lot of snow in the month of June. Crossing the Barua Pass may be a little strenuous and also requires good maneuvering skills with a steep descent on snow and ice. Having  the experience of one or two Himalayan treks prove to be beneficial while on the Buran Ghati Trek.

    The Chandranahan Lake is also considered one of the major attractions of the Lake with beautiful alpine scenery all around it, adding to its beauty. The locals consider this lake sacred  and to be emanated by the Gods. Stunning scenery, verdant meadows, mountain culture, everything makes Buran Ghati a great Himalayan trekking adventure.

    What To Expect At The Trek

    Located at an altitude of 15000 ft. Buran Ghati Trek offers a complete Himalayan Trekking experience with mountains, grasslands, forests and alpine lakes. The picturesque views of the Dayara Meadows with the snow-covered mountain in the background will leave you spellbound. With a variety of landscapes it is truly a remarkable trek to experience.

    Not only do you get to appreciate the beauty of The Dayara meadows but also an opportunity to visit the glacial lake, Chandranahan. This lake is believed to be the origin point of the Pabbar River.There are a couple of snow slides along the way including the Buran Ghati Pass, which will give you a dose of adrenaline from time to time. This part of the trek is a little technical and may require ropes to ascend down.

    The best time to do the trek is during summer and autumn. During summer, the Buran Pass itself becomes a great wall of ice that you can rappel down. The snow starts melting in late June and while there will be some snow close to the Pass, but it may not be enough for you to slide down. During this time, the wildflower also start to bloom and the meadows begin to turn into a bright shade of green.

    While autumn is also a great time for the Buran Ghati adventure but then in the month of October, there is no snow to rappel down. However, the natural beauty is quite captivating during the autumn months. As you trail deeper into the forests from the meadows, you will begin to see more hues of fall like yellows, oranges and browns. You may also see small patches of snow. Irrespective of the season, the grandeur of the trek always remains the same.

    Buran Ghati makes for a complete trekking experience starting from the culturally rich village of Janglik to the snow slide from the pass. Buran Pass showcases all the diverseness that a trek can offer.

    Major Attractions

    Beautiful Dayara Meadows

    This is one of the best parts of the trek and also the most scenic stretch.The Dayara Meadows come into view as you climb uphill from the village of Janglik and cross a dense coniferous. On one side of the meadow is a grassy stretch that climbs up the mountain and the other side simply drops down to the canyon below. On the meadows, you may observe the horses galloping or grazing the pastures, a beautiful sight to behold.

    The Villages

    Both villages Janglik and Barua are two major villages that we will pass on our trail. Janglik and Barua are both ancient Himalayan Villages that give you an understanding of the Himalayan culture. Pay close attention to the architecture, typical to the mountain villages. While crossing Barua, you will also see many fruit orchards as well.

    Buran Pass And Snow Wall

    The Buran Ghati trek is a challenging trek that takes you up to an altitude of 15,000 ft. Until June, the pass itself becomes a wall of ice, giving you an incredible rappelling opportunity. It is because of this, Buran Ghati is becoming more and more popular among trekkers.

    Chandranahan Lake

    Chandranahan Lake is yet another attraction of the trek. The mystical glacial lake is coveted by the locals. The lake remains frozen almost all year round and sitting here you can enjoy the serenity of the atmosphere and appreciate visual treat

    Litham Campsite

    Litham campsite is one of the most scenic campsites along your route. It lies in the confluence of two valleys and you can simply sit here, getting mesmerized by the view. One of the most stunning views in the Litham campsite is the gorgeous waterfalls cascading down from the Chandrnahan snout, offering an impressive sight.

    Forest Cover

    Along your trek, you will cross dense coniferous forest covers that have a charm of their own. Walking through birch, maple, pine and Oak trees as the birds chirp and the sounds of nature making  its melody, your senses will be soothed completely.

    Buran Ghati is a famous trek within the trekking world with end number of mind-boggling sites on the trail. This trek will surely refresh you with different landscapes it has to offer. The thicker and denser forests of Oak and Pine look artistic when you walk through them. The extensive green meadows, the sharp edges at high altitudes, the snow-clad peaks all around, the small streams and brooks, the quaint villages etc are some of the magnificent sights you will come across the journey. One of the highlights of the trek is the Chandranahan lake that is nested at a high altitude. This lake is considered sacred by many locals of the area. The view from both sides of the Buran Pass is thrilling. After spending some time at the lake youll also be taking an acclimatization walk nearby.

    If you are going to do this trek in the month f June, youll be getting good amount of snow on the trail which makes the entire setting look different. The last bit of the pass is where you may need some help of the ropes as it is an upward climb where youll need to push yourself. The Dhauladhar range offers you a spectacular view which is a treat to your eyes with some remote peaks popping above each other to give you their glimpse. A panoramic view of the Kinner-Kailash peaks can be seen from the top of the pass. If youre planning for a trek that gives you a thrilling experience then a trek like Buran Ghati should definitely be on your bucket list.

    At TTH, we almost never call off or cancel our treks. But in the rare event that we do call off or cancel a trek due to any unforeseen circumstances or natural catastrophes like continuous rain or snow, thunderstorms, snowstorms, landslides, floods, earthquakes, or any other natural calamity that prevents us from carrying out a trek in a safe manner, unforeseeable circumstances like local riots, curfews, pandemics, lockdowns, government orders, or any such situations that prevents a safe trekking experience, TTH will issue a voucher summing up to the same amount as your trek fee. The voucher can be redeemed on any of the treks over a period of the next year.

    As we mention always, weather conditions at high altitudes are extremely unpredictable and can change at any time of any day. Also, situations like natural calamities or political unrest, pandemics and lockdowns, etc are out of our control and if an event cannot run under any such circumstances that we do not directly have control over then we will try to give you an alternative trek, which means your trek will be shifted from one trek to another, which will be safer and more favourable.

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