DeSantis Ahead Of Trump In Recent Polls – And Now He’s Got A Book Coming Out

    2024 is gonna be lit, y’all.

    According to this, Ron DeSantis has a new “memoir and policy” book coming out at the end of February called, “The Courage to Be Free: Florida’s Blueprint for America’s Revival.” I don’t know about y’all, but that title sounds like it was written by someone intending to run for president. I could be wrong, but DAYUM.

    Anyway, that’s happening. And I know we shouldn’t lend any credibility to polls, which have been SO INDESCRIBABLY WRONG for so many election cycles now that it’s beyond parody, but I thought I’d share with you what a couple of recent ones have looked like. It’s the general election one that is the most interesting.

    So yes, polls are worthless. BUT I also believe there is no way Trump can beat Biden, EVEN THOUGH Biden is so terribly, awfully, horribly bad. I know a lot of you disagree with me, but he will not win. He has not GAINED any supporters since the last presidential election, and we KNOW he has lost many. So the math just doesn’t work.

    DeSantis, however, and likely pretty much any other Republican, could beat Biden in 2024. That is, if the Trump loyalists participate in voting for someone OTHER than their idol.

    And this is why I worry we’re doomed in 2024. The Trump loyalists think NO ONE but Trump should be president. Some of them believe it so strongly they won’t vote for anyone BUT Trump. I’ll vote for Trump for a third term, even though I’ll do so reluctantly. But I’ll do it. There will be many others who won’t. So see?


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