5 Reasons Why You Have Dry Skin During Winter And How To Fix It

    The holiday season is in full swing, and along with that has arrived cold temperatures and dry weather. And our glowing summer complexions have transformed into parched, irritable skin. While winter is full of seasonal highs (fireside gatherings, Christmas movies, warm homemade cookies, and hot chocolate), dull, dehydrated skin is one of its less pleasant side effects to note. Dry, itchy, and red skin is quite annoying to deal with, and sometimes you need much more than just a night cream to fix it. But have you ever wondered what is causing your skin to be so dehydrated and uncomfortable all the time? Well, we have got all the tea to spill.

    Read on to know the top reasons your skin gets drier in the winter months and how you can tackle your lackluster skin.

    1. You Are Over-washing Your Face

    Over-washing your face can strip off the skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF) for the next six hours. If not moisturized right away, your skin may lose all its natural oils leaving it tight and parched. Plus, it can lead to excess oil production, causing acne in the long run too. So, do ensure to make some revisions in your skincare routine and wash your face only when you need it. Either in the morning or night and when you are exposed to environmental pollution or sweat.

    2. You Love To Take Hot Showers

    Yes, we know. Taking hot showers during the winter season can be blissful. It helps us calm down and relieve stress and tense muscles. But, unfortunately, this TLC-enriched activity has a downside to it too. Too many hot showers can damage your skin and break down its natural barrier during the winter months. This can make your skin look red, flaky and can even make it sensitive. So, even if it’s difficult, limit to one hot shower per day.

    3. You Are Spending Too Much Time Exfoliating Your Skin

    While exfoliation is crucial to get rid of dead skin cells and dirt, being too aggressive with a scrub or chemicals can be very harmful to your skin. That’s why, when you are using a scrub, make sure to use gentle strokes to massage it into your skin, and don’t forget to moisturize right after cleansing. Exfoliating your skin twice a week is more than enough, and this biweekly ritual will also help prep your skin for winter’s richer creams.

    4. You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

    Although lattes and hot chocolate drinks may sound like a perfect idea to sip on during this time, the bad news is that they don’t provide you with enough hydration. You need to keep a check on the amount of water you are drinking. It will be challenging to tackle dryness without proper hydration, and your skin will keep cracking. We also recommend you bolster your diet with water-rich foods like flax seeds, avocados, and walnuts to enhance your glow from within.

    5. You Are Not Moisturizing Right

    According to celebrity beauty experts and estheticians, you only have a one-minute window after cleansing the skin to seal in moisture. This celebrity skincare secret can prevent severe dehydration and moisture loss. Try to find the right kind of emollient or lotion for your skin, and look for products that contain nourishing ingredients like cocoa butter and wheat germ oil. This can help build your skin barrier and lock in all the natural oils.

    Now that you know what causes dry skin, let’s look at some ways to alleviate the condition:

    • Use A Nourishing Moisturizer Or Body Lotion

    If you find yourself constantly struggling with dry skin, we recommend you invest in an ultra-nourishing body lotion that would keep your skin moisturized and buttery soft for long hours. For instance, the Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion comes enriched with cocoa butter and wheat germ oil, both excellent sources of Vitamin E and skin-softening ingredients that deliver deep nourishment and tackle dry skin problems with ease.

    • Include The Lotion Both In Your AM And PM Routine

    Make sure you slather the moisturizer after taking a shower or bath and also before going to sleep. The Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion comes with Hydra-Nutri balance technology that replenishes your skin and provides night-time nourishment so that you wake up to soft, supple, and moisturized skin. It helps heal your skin and prevents dryness.

    • Be Consistent. Always Apply The Lotion To Those Parts That Are Exposed

    Unlike the rest of our body, our face and hands can be easily susceptible to dryness because they are usually not covered. We advise you to layer thick and nourishing emollient-rich body lotions during the winter months. And don’t forget to be consistent because consistency is key, honey! Zero in a fixed skincare routine and include a hydrating body lotion to quench the thirst of your dry skin.

    Those are all the tips you need to follow to maintain your skin health and combat dryness during the winter season. It’s not every day that we come across an ideal body lotion that looks after all our dry skin concerns so effectively and with ease. The Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion provides a quick boost of nourishment and keeps your skin hydrated for long hours. It is an absolute must-have in your beauty routine to fight the dehydrated skin that comes with the chilly weather. So go ahead, and enjoy the cold, soak in the winter sun, and don’t forget to moisturize your skin consistently.

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