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    Actress Alyssa Milano announced Tuesday that she will remain on Twitter during “The View” and said “we can’t cede that territory.”

    Actress Alyssa Milano admitted her desire for a “progressive” “Who’s the Boss?” revival while revealing the existence of a script to “Entertainment Tonight” on Tuesday.

    Milano spoke with Rachel Smith on the subject of a revival, confessing that she was “skeptical” about the idea before speaking with former co-star Tony Danza and reading the script. She emphasized that it was important for her that the new show would come off as progressive as the original show did in the 1980s.

    “I was like, ‘If we could put this together in a way that really stays true to that whole progressive thing that we had in the ’80s…,'” Milano continued. “Angela (played by Judith Light) was a single mom raising her kids, owned her own business, divorced, had a promiscuous cougar mother that lived in the backyard talking about hickeys, and then she hires a dude to come clean her house. I mean, in the ’80s that was huge.”

    Actress Alyssa Milano joins the hosts of “The View” on Tuesday. 

    “If we can figure out how to tap into that with today’s issues and make it… as progressive — and I gotta tell you, I read the script. There’s a script,” she added.

    The script, she described, was “really funny,” and the actress offered small details on the story.

    “It would be Tony coming to take care of my children. And I can tell you that part too, that Sam still lives in the house,” Milano explained.

    Milano also revealed that the script had been submitted to a company, and they are currently waiting to see if the show will be greenlit.

    Alyssa Milano gave fans an update on the upcoming “Who’s the Boss” reboot.
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    “But you are the first person to know that we submitted the script to Freevee before Thanksgiving and they are internally talking this week about it. So hopefully we will hear soon,” Milano said.

    Milano has been mocked over the past several years for tweeting progressive platitudes. More recently, she came under fire for “performative activism” by saying that she traded her Tesla vehicle for an electric Volkswagen in protest of Twitter CEO Elon Musk, despite praising Musk for his genius priorly. 

    A “progressive” revival of “Who’s the Boss?” follows Disney’s latest film “Strange World,” which featured the first openly LGBTQ+ teenaged Disney character, bombing at the box office, estimating to an almost $150 million loss for the company. The Disney-Pixar film “Lightyear,” which premiered in June of this year, similarly underperformed after controversy surrounding the film over a kiss between two same-sex characters. . 

    Film critic Christian Toto suggested that these failures may motivate the entertainment industry to change.

    Alyssa Milano attends the “Players Party” co-hosted by Michael Rubin, MLBPA and Fanatics at City Market Social House on July 18, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. 
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    “Hollywood doesn’t fully grasp the ‘go woke, go broke’ mantra, but some executives are getting the message. We’ve seen woke regrets at Netflix and Warner Bros… Disney may soon realize that woke isn’t a money-making position,” Toto said.

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