Kinzinger Trashes Trump For His Call To Abolish The Constitution

    As Donald Trump continues to push the Big Lie on his social media platform – the lie that says Trump actually won the 2020 presidential election but it was stolen from him by Democrats, Republican governors and secretaries of state, election officials, poll workers, a vote tabulating machine company, Italy, and a long-dead president of Venezuela – his latest posts have been more than troublesome. Trump, leader of the party who insisted that gay rights couldn’t be passed because they’re “Constitutional originalists,” called for the termination of rules in the U.S. Constitution that prevents him from reinstalling himself as president. Most Republicans have remained silent.

    With the former President calling to throw aside the constitution, not a single conservative can legitimately support him, and not a single supporter can be called a conservative. This is insane. Trump hates the constitution

    Right @GOPLeader @EliseStefanik @Jim_Jordan ?

    — Adam Kinzinger #fella (@AdamKinzinger) December 4, 2022

    Adam Kinzinger, who sits on the House Select Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 attempt to overthrow the government because Trump wasn’t reelected, is not one of those Republicans. Kinzinger called out Trump’s post, saying that conservatives can’t be Trump supporters, and Trump supporters cannot call themselves conservatives.

    Trump’s words should disqualify him from running in 2024. His attempts to overthrow the will of the people should disqualify him. His open theft and mishandling of classified documents should disqualify him, as should his attempts to extort a foreign country in exchange for much needed military aid. Yet many Republicans in the House and Senate continue to support him, despite their professed love of the Constitution.

    The twice-impeached ex-president who lost the popular vote twice and tried to stage a coup is running again in 2024. Should he win, the country will be in serious peril, but his GOP allies will continue to support him because they want to hold onto power, too.

    Twitter had many comments to make about Trump’s admission that he has no respect for the Constitution. Although Trump’s supporters were incensed that Kinzinger called him out, Twitter was largely supportive of the representative’s statement. Read some of their comments below:

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